IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit

When you perform WebSphere upgrades or consider the move to cloud platforms, use the following tools for the help and insights you need to make the move:


With the WebSphere version-to-version application migration tools, organizations that are deploying to Liberty or the latest release of traditional WebSphere Application Server can more easily migrate applications from WebSphere Application Server V5.1 through V8.5. Upgrading to a more recent version of WebSphere Application Server is less time-consuming than migrating from another application server. The reason is that IBM has made significant investments in upward compatibility, configuration, and management process upgrades, in addition to API preservation and consistency between versions. However, in some cases, applications must be changed in order to support or exploit new levels of industry standard specifications that are delivered with new versions of WebSphere Application Server.

Application migration tools

The version-to-version application migration tools focus on the following migration issues when upgrading applications to Liberty or the latest traditional WebSphere Application Server:

Configuration migration

Traditional WebSphere configuration migration is provided with WebSphere using the WASPreUpgrade and WASPostUpgrade migration tools.

When migrating to Liberty, the WebSphere Configuration Migration Tool includes supports:

Help and feedback

If your organization has a support agreement in place for WebSphere Application Server V7, V8, or V8.5, IBM will provide support for the application migration tools and the included migration rules. Assistance with application coding or design issues require a Services engagement.

To ask questions, search for solutions, and provide feedback to the development team, you can use the Migration Toolkit Forum. Support for the WCMT tool is available in the WCMT forum.