IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit

When you perform migrations from third-party application servers, use the following tools to provide the help and insights you need to make the move:


The WebSphere Migration Toolkit includes the following tools to speed the migration of applications from competitive application servers to WebSphere Application Server V8 through V9:

The application migration tools use static analysis to locate application elements that should be updated to ensure optimal compatibility and performance with traditional WebSphere Application Server and Liberty. These tools also include unique editing features so that you can review and appropriately change the code. The Application Migration Tools are packaged as features that you can install in an Eclipse or IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software IDE. The tools are also compatible with the IBM WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse. The following figure shows a view of the application migration tools.

 IBM WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit view

Application migration tools

The competitive application migration tools focus on the following migration issues when you move applications from third-party application servers to Liberty or traditional WebSphere Application Server:

Configuration migration tools

Apache Tomcat configuration migration to Liberty is included with the Eclipse-based application migration tool. For a step-by-step example, see Migrating from Apache Tomcat to the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile. The tool enables:

WebLogic and JBoss configuration migration is included in the Eclipse-based WebSphere Configuration Migration Tool.

Help and feedback

If your organization has a support agreement in place for WebSphere Application Server V7 or later, as part of that agreement, IBM will provide support for the application migration tools and the included migration rules. Assistance with application coding or design issues requires a Services engagement.

To ask questions, search for solutions, and provide feedback to the development team, you can use the Migration Toolkit Forum. Support for the WCMT tool is available in the WCMT forum.