IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit

The IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Migration Toolkit is a suite of tools and knowledge collections that enables your organization to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to WebSphere Application Server V7.0 through V8.5.5, whether from a previous version of WebSphere Application Server or competitive application servers including Apache Tomcat Server, JBoss Application Server, Oracle® Application Server, and Oracle WebLogic Server.

New and noteworthy:

  • Thinking about migrating to the IBM WebSphere platform? To ease your planning, IBM has launched the WebSphere Migration Discovery Tool. You can use this web-based tool anonymously and at no-charge to help gain insight into the size and scope of your migration project. This tool works for migrations to WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile, and WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile on IBM Bluemix™. Learn more about the tool in this WhyWebSphere blog.
  • Do you want to scan application binaries? Check out our newest tool, the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries (Tech Preview)! With this new command-line tool, you can quickly evaluate application binaries for rapid deployment on the WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile.

    For the latest and greatest versions of our migration tools, go to WASdev Downloads.

What are the benefits of using the Migration Toolkit?

The Migration Toolkit uses proprietary IBM technology to automate previously time-consuming application and configuration migration tasks, greatly reducing the total time required to deploy WebSphere Application Server V7, V8, or V8.5. The Migration Toolkit has been shown to cut the time required for a typical migration in half. The toolkit also includes an extensive set of publications to support migration planning tasks.

What is included in the Migration Toolkit?


  • Competitive Migration Tools
    Migrate applications from Apache Tomcat Server, JBoss Application Server, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle WebLogic Server to WebSphere Application Server V7 though V8.5.5. Migrate configuration from Apache Tomcat Server to WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Liberty Profile.
  • WebSphere Application Migration Tool
    Migrate applications from WebSphere Application Server V5.1 through V8 to WebSphere Application Server V7 through V8.5.5.