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Technical resources for the WebSphere® software platform

Using WebSphere DataPower with WSRR REST services, Part 2

Learn how to use new features in WebSphere DataPower, WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR), and the WS-MediationPolicy specification to perform dynamic lookup of web service endpoints stored in WSRR.  More >

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17 Jul 2014 — Show descriptions | Hide descriptions

  • New IBM/Apple partnership: Taking the mobile enterprise to the next level

    IBM and Apple are joining forces to bring businesses the devices, services, security, and integration they need to exploit the full potential of mobility. Engineers, designers, and developers from both companies are now working together on more than 100 end-to-end enterprise-ready mobile solutions, including a new category of mobile apps.

  • Using WebSphere DataPower as a security gateway for protecting mobile traffic

    Learn how to use WebSphere DataPower Gateway Appliance to protect mobile application traffic initiated by a client Worklight application.

  • Configuring Microsoft Visual Studio with WebSphere MQ to compile MQ applications

    Microsoft Visual Studio is widely used on Windows to compile applications, but configuring Visual Studio with WebSphere MQ is challenging. This article shows you how to configure and compile WebSphere MQ applications using the Visual Studio GUI.

  • Troubleshooting WebSphere MQ installation issues

    IBM WebSphere MQ introduces new features and functions with every release, and therefore troubleshooting installation and operational issues can be a challenge. This article shows you how to address WebSphere MQ installation issues, provides OS-specific commands to obtain diagnostic information on them, and describes workarounds when appropriate.

  • MQTT: The protocol that powers the Internet of Things

    This blog post explains the difference between the HTTP and MQTT protocols, and explains why MQTT is preferred to power the Internet of Things.

  • High availability with IBM MessageSight and MQTT client applications

    IBM MessageSight is a full-featured messaging appliance for machine-to-machine and mobile environments, with full support for the MQTT messaging protocol. Learn how to use the open-source Paho MQTT Eclipse project with a highly available (HA) pair of IBM MessageSight appliances to provide a resilient messaging solution.

  • Making better business decisions with analytics and business rules

    Learn how predictive analytics and business rules can be used together for better business outcomes. A banking example shows you how to use IBM decision management products to create smarter business processes.

  • Expanding the IBM BPM V8.5 topology by using multiple deployment environments

    As your business requirements grow, you may want to expand your IBM BPM topology to run different processes independently. This article shows you how to do so.

  • What is IBM Bluemix?

    Based on the Cloud Foundry open-source project, Bluemix is IBM's new open standards-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment for building, running, and managing web and mobile applications in the cloud. Learn about Bluemix enterprise-level features and services, and how easy they are to integrate into cloud applications.

  • Bluemix brings PaaS to the party

    Explore cloud projects that developers have already built using Bluemix, and learn how Bluemix gives you instant resources for developing with your favorite programming languages and runtimes.



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