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  • Protecting mobile applications with the ISAM module for IBM DataPower Gateway

    Learn how to configure the ISAM module on DataPower to secure mobile applications with form-based authentication and to provide single sign-on to backend REST and JSON services. You will learn how to use the ISAM module multi-factor security framework to protect applications based on user credentials.

  • Working with the JMS Connector in WebSphere Cast Iron, Part 1: Configuring JMS in WebSphere Application Server

    Part 1 of this 2-part tutorial series explains how to configure JMS in WebSphere Application Server when connecting from WebSphere Cast Iron Studio to the JMS Connector. You will learn to configure JMS to send messages between two or more clients in Application Server.

  • Implementing Salesforce federated single sign-on with WebSphere DataPower, four-part series

    This four-part tutorial series describes a Salesforce federated single sign-on solution using DataPower as an identity provider. By using DataPower as the SSO identity provider, you can implement a single registry of user identities with a centralized management interface for all your internal and external applications applications that support federated single sign-on.

  • Implementing OAuth on WebSphere DataPower Appliances, Parts 9 and 10

    This multi-part series provides an introduction to OAuth and the role that DataPower plays as a policy enforcement point and authorization and token endpoint within OAuth architectures. The series concludes with Part 9 describing how to customize native OAuth scope and identity support, and Part 10 describing extension points for fine-grained customization control of native OAuth support.

  • Develop secure cloud-aware applications

    Take a look at some of the security challenges created by cloud-aware applications and explore best practices for addressing them.

  • 5 things to know about two-speed integration by IBM

    Today's most engaging mobile applications blend digital users (their past purchase history, their preferences) with real-time users (where they are, who they are with) to form an Era of Now. IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo explains how two-speed integration supports these mobile applications.

  • Build a managed API in Bluemix

    Control access to valuable resources by using the API Management service in Bluemix to create, manage, and share your own APIs in the cloud.

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