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  • Best of API tutorials for WebSphere in 2015

    APIs are the digital glue that links services, applications and systems. They will drive digital transformation, innovation and new opportunities of the future. As we start to look ahead to 2016, let’s first look back to the best tutorials this past year about APIs for IBM WebSphere.

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  • Create a Bluemix Cloud Integration service from a WebSphere Cast Iron orchestration

    Create a Cloud Integration service in IBM Bluemix from IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Live orchestrations. By following the steps in this tutorial, you can expose a Cast Iron orchestration as a REST service in Cast Iron Live that can be accessed over a REST URL. You can also create a REST API that can be used in applications to quickly integrate with Cast Iron orchestrations.

  • Configuring custom LDAP repositories in Virtual Member Manager

    The expanded functions in Virtual Member Manager (VMM), a part of IBM WebSphere Application Server, mean you can configure all V3-compliant LDAP repositories—both default and non-default—as custom repositories. In this tutorial, you learn about two methods to configure the custom LDAP repositories: the administrative console or the wsadmin command line interface.

  • Examining IT as a process: How to automate IT operations in the enterprise

    Automating IT operations has long been a desired objective for streamlining notoriously repetitive tasks and avoiding frustrating, inefficient rework. It's also been a challenging objective to achieve, until you apply the revolutionary thought that IT is a definable process for getting work done. IBM has experience in surfacing and automating manageable processes for the highest impact. This article breaks it all down for IT leaders who are looking for the most strategic way to automate their operations centers.

  • Integrate IBM MQ with your IBM Business Process Manager processes

    Learn the various approaches to send and receive messages from a business process through IBM MQ, communicating with back-end systems. Walk through examples with sample code to see the steps that are required to integrate IBM MQ V8.x with IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) V8.5.x. Gain an understanding of fundamental approaches to use IBM MQ to exchange data with other systems from IBM BPM processes.

  • Working with the HTTP connector in WebSphere Cast Iron, Part 1: Configuring a secure authentication in Cast Iron Studio and Appliance

    IBM WebSphere Cast Iron supports SSL authentication. Part 1 of this 2-part tutorial series describes how to configure the HTTP connector in WebSphere Cast Iron Studio for secure SSL communication. This tutorial covers how to generate and import certificates in Cast Iron Studio and Cast Iron Appliance.

  • IBM WebSphere Commerce V8.0 delivers an enhanced business user and merchandising environment for improved customer engagement

    IBM WebSphere Commerce V8.0 delivers a new approach to e-commerce. It boasts an improved business user experience to help merchandisers and marketers deepen customer engagement and greatly enhance business results. Version 8.0 also includes a new customer service capability. With this capability, organizations can provide a seamless experience across digital and call center channels. Learn about WebSphere Commerce V8.0 in this announcement letter.

  • Editor's picks: Top 5 Bluemix tutorials for WebSphere

    Have you been wondering whether IBM Bluemix is right for you? Based on open standards and technologies, Bluemix accelerates your applications’ time to market and is flexible and adaptive so that you can analyze and evaluate them. As IBM’s platform as a service (PaaS), Bluemix gives you access to IBM WebSphere applications right in the Cloud. To learn how you can make Bluemix part of your application development environment, check out the top Bluemix tutorials in the IBM developerWorks WebSphere zone.

  • Manage IBM CICS systems on the go: Prototype for IBM MobileFirst applications

    Learn how to create and implement a mobile solution prototype for IBM CICS systems management. By creating this prototype, you can improve the usability of CICS system management functions and incorporate them with your IBM MobileFirst applications. For example, you can monitor CICS resource usage remotely on your mobile devices wherever and whenever you need. In this prototype, the CICS storage status is displayed graphically on a mobile device for monitoring. This solution entails a RESTful API, XSLT, and JSON technologies on CICS Transaction Server and IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation.

  • Dynamic authentication for connectors in WebSphere Cast Iron, Part 2: Authenticating JDE, Salesforce.com, and Force.com Bulk API connectors dynamically

    See how to dynamically authenticate various connectors in WebSphere Cast Iron, such as JD Edwards, Salesforce.com, and Force.com Bulk API in WebSphere Cast Iron Studio in this two-part series. Part 2 shows how to dynamically pass the connection parameters, connection pool options, and proxy parameters, without stopping the project in Cast Iron. By using this method, you can connect to different endpoints or change endpoint configurations during runtime without stopping the orchestration.

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