SOA and Web services zone - A year in review

Did you miss any of these interesting articles in 2009?

As 2009 comes to an end, we reflect on the accomplishments, milestones and the great articles and tutorials published.


Sarah Duffy (, WebSphere and SOA Digital Web Manager, IBM  

Sarah Duffy is the editor of the developerWorks SOA and web services zone. She currently divides her time between working on deverloperWorks content and managing the web content for the SOA solutions and Application Infrastructure category pages. You can contact Sarah at

15 December 2009

2009 was another great year for developerWorks. In addition to launching My developerWorks, our very own professional networking site. We also celebrated a significant milestone with our 10th birthday!! I think it is also interesting to highlight that we converted our entire content library of over 10,000 articles to a new, more dynamic article template, making it easier for you interact on developerWorks.

As the year comes to a close, I thought I would share a few of the popular articles and article series that have been published this year in the SOA and Web services zone:

  • Adopting SOA Best Practices and Lessons Learned by Salil Ahuja
    This article discusses the quality assurance challenges to be addressed with an SOA adoption, recommended best practices and lessons learned.
  • Virtual Spaces: Enabling Immersive Collaborative Enterprise by Luba Cherbakov, Robi Brunner, Rob Smart and Charisse Lu
    Provides a brief history of virtual worlds and a summary of six technologies that enable virtual spaces as well as highlights IBM's experience in the development and use of Virtual Spaces in more detail, including technical and business challenges, tangible business results, and lessons learned.
  • Problem Determination through Defensive Infrastructure Architecture by Kyle Brown and Alexandre Polozoff
    This article highlights the decisions that you can make in developing your overall application architecture and infrastructure architecture to be more resilient in the face of failure and change. As well as examine these notions by looking at two examples where you can improve problem determination through the use of defensive techniques.
  • SOA Governance - How to best Embrace it series by Farzin Yashar
    A great set of articles introducing governance, its lifecycle and the organizational aspect of an enterprise to support SOA and SOA governance.
  • IBM Advantage for Service Maturity Model Standards by Heather Kreger, Tony Carrato, Ali Arsanjani, Andras Szakal, Jorge Diaz, and Kerrie Holley
    This article details IBM's leadership and expertise with using maturity models to help customers achieve success with Web services and SOA. This article provides an overview and insights on the value, use and impact of OSIMM.
  • Advantage for SOA Governance Standards by Heather Kreger, John Falkl, Robert Laird and Tony Carrato
    Discusses IBM's SOA industry leadership with the introduction of the SOA Governance Maturity Model.
  • Secure communication between a monitoring host Web service and monitored Web services by Judith Myerson
    Learn about the pros and cons of dedicated security monitoring host and a distributed security monitoring host and suggests how each can be used to solve security problems.

Of course, there were many more informative articles and tutorials published in 2009 in the Web services library. I recommend taking a look book at the articles and tutorials that have been published this year.

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See you next year!



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