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Faster forward video series: IBM API Management end-to-end, Part 3
This four-part series of videos on IBM API Management together make up an end-to-end demonstration of the product that includes creating a restful API, testing it, publishing it in IBM API Management, and finally using the published API from a mobile application. Using the RESTful API created in Part 2, this demo shows how you can expose APIs to the public in ways that let you control access to them, and how you can leverage built-in analytics to see how your APIs are being used.
28 Jan 2015
5 minutes of smart: Using CICS and Worklight together to provide a strong backend for your mobile apps
Mobile usage is central to the daily lives of many people in today's world. This growth of workload through mobile devices requires a strong backend in any IT system and CICS Transaction Server is that strong backend. CICS Transaction Server and IBM Worklight can easily help you bring your backend data to your mobile applications.
24 Sep 2014
Installing and configuring IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V8.5
See a short demo on a typical installation and configuration of IBM® BPM V8.5.
03 Mar 2014
WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration: Empowering managed service providers to offer integration services
Learn how managed service providers can provide integration service with on -premise systems, without having access to VPN or opening up a port from a firewall, using the WebSphere Cast Iron Secure Connector.
21 Feb 2014
Basic WebSphere MQ 7.5 Operations on Linux
Demonstration of basic WebSphere MQ v7.5 commands.
31 Jul 2013
JVM settings in the WebSphere Application Server V8 Integrated Solutions Console
This demo shows you how to set up JVM settings in the WebSphere Application Server V8 Integrated Solutions Console.
20 Mar 2013
WebSphere Business Modeler and WebSphere Business Monitor feedback loop
Learn about the feedback loop between WebSphere Business Modeler and WebSphere Business Monitor. This allows you to import into Websphere Business Modeler, actual measured process data collected by WebSphere Business Monitor. New simulations can be run with these actual values, enhancing the accuracy of the model, and potentially revealing where additional improvements can be made based on changes in costs, durations or paths.
15 Dec 2009
IBM ILOG Elixir: Real-time Dashboard
This interactive demo shows a monitoring view of the Tour de Flex application. Its real-time view shows which samples are being executed, and from which part of the world, using heat maps and colored maps.
14 Dec 2009
IBM ILOG Elixir: Data Analysis dashboard
This interactive demo walks you through a typical data analysis dashboard built with various IBM ILOG Elixir (Elixir) components. The demo lets you view advanced data analysis and data exploration features such as maps, treemaps and pivot charts.
07 Dec 2009
Software as a Service: Tenant specific HTTP and data source partitioning using WebSphere eXtreme Scale
Explore how SaaS service providers can improve application scalability by partitioning tenant specific HTTP requests and datasources in a multi-tenant application. This technique also referred as "Sharding" is shown using an example in WebSphere eXtreme Scale. Using a fictitious mult-tenant application called Jivaro, this demo explores how to integrate WebSphere Application Server Community Edition applications with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.
01 Feb 2009
Software as a Service: Tenant-specific response-time and application isolation using WebSphere Virtual Enterprise
This demo explores how SaaS service developers can support tenant specific quality of service parameters like response time and application isolation for multi-tenant applications running on WebSphere Application Server Community Edition instances. Using a fictitious multi-tenant application called Jivaro, this demo explores the service level policies, on demand router and dynamic cluster capabilities of WebSphere Extended Deployment Virtual Enterprise for supporting these requirements.
23 Jan 2009
Software as a Service: Web service mediation patterns for dynamic routing of multiple tenant requests using WebSphere Business Services Fabric
Explore one of three IBM middleware based mediation patterns for rapid enablement of multi-tenancy for existing Web services implementations. The pattern in this demo uses WebSphere Business Services Fabric. The remaining two patterns show the use of WebSphere Enterprise Services Bus and WebSphere DataPower. In the demo, multi-tenancy is enabled for an existing single tenant credit check service by introducing a WebSphere Business Services Fabric based mediation pattern layer. This pattern layer uses a new TenantID assertion defined as an extension to the core WebSphere Business Services Fabric ontology. The assertion acts on properties defined in the Web services context to dynamically route credit check service requests from users for a particular tenant bank to service endpoints dedicated to that bank. The WebSphere Business Services Fabric subscription manager is used to enroll users and organization to the credit check service and the WebSphere Business Services Fabric performance manager is used to view service usage logs for each tenant.
06 Jun 2008
Software as a Service: Building Web delivered SaaS applications on open-source and entry-level IBM middleware
See a set of architectural patterns exploiting features in open source and entry-level IBM middleware to build cost-effective software as a service solutions. This demo shows how to share a single instance of the WebSphere Application Server Community Edition and DB2 Express-C between multiple tenants, with a different look-and-feel and access control.
11 Dec 2007
Enforcing Security in a Software as a Service application
See how the LDAP Staff Resolution plug-in feature in WebSphere Process Server is used to secure human tasks in business process execution language (BPEL) processes with a common user registry.
26 Sep 2007
Enforcing security in a Software as a Service application
See how WebSphere portal access control features can be exploited for enforcing security in a SaaS application by restricting the set of portal pages and portlets that a particular user can access, based on the role of the user.
26 Sep 2007

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