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IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise
Download a free trial version of IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise a set of tools, components and APIs for building the advanced graphical displays needed by business-critical applications.
Also available in: Chinese  
Trial Downloads 06 Aug 2014
IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise
Download a free trial version of IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise, a suite of professional user interface controls that gives developers a full spectrum of advanced graphical displays for the most demanding line-of-business applications.
Also available in: Chinese  
Trial Downloads 05 Aug 2014
The Support Authority: Major new usability features in Fix Central make it easy and more convenient to find the fixes you need
Exciting new changes have been made to IBM's Electronic Fix Distribution system and its public website, Fix Central. In addition to numerous usability enhancements based on user feedback, a new feature that grabs the set of installed IBM software products on your server and links you to available updates is now being piloted.
Articles 07 Dec 2011
Create an ILOG Dojo Diagrammer application for touch-enabled mobile devices
This article introduces both Dojo Mobile and IBM ILOG Dojo Diagrammer, and explains how you can create a diagram application for mobile devices with the Dojo Toolkit and IBM ILOG Dojo Diagrammer. In addition, you'll see how the application can add custom actions invoked by a touch gesture.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 21 Sep 2011
Innovations within reach: The parameters that matter most for creating interactive diagrams on mobile devices
IBM ILOG Dojo Diagrammer includes a comprehensive set of graph layout algorithms that come with a vast number of customization parameters. This article provides a quick reference guide of the most important parameters for each algorithm, along with the parameters that can significantly influence performance. It also provides hints for optimizing the diagramming applications using graph layout on mobile devices.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 21 Sep 2011
The Support Authority: Leverage the advantages of IBM Software Accelerated Value Program
IBM provides a variety of self-help tools and other support resources to help you maintain and troubleshoot systems that are based on the IBM software product portfolio. You can now work even faster and smarter with the addition of the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program. This article describes the advantages of the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program and how these additional services would impact your day-to-day operations.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 14 Apr 2010
Comment lines by Kyle Brown: Paying back technical debt
If you have ever put off completing part of a project with the intention of coming back later to finish it, then you have incurred technical debt. Like financial debt, technical debt is serious and can snowball unless you are aware of it and have a plan in place to manage it. This article presents five steps to help you identify, reduce, and handle your organization's ongoing technical debt situation.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian   Portuguese  
Articles 27 Jan 2010
IBM ILOG Elixir: Real-time Dashboard
This interactive demo shows a monitoring view of the Tour de Flex application. Its real-time view shows which samples are being executed, and from which part of the world, using heat maps and colored maps.
Demos 14 Dec 2009
IBM ILOG Elixir: Data Analysis dashboard
This interactive demo walks you through a typical data analysis dashboard built with various IBM ILOG Elixir (Elixir) components. The demo lets you view advanced data analysis and data exploration features such as maps, treemaps and pivot charts.
Demos 07 Dec 2009
1 - 9 of 9 results
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