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IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio
Download a free trial version of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio, which speeds development and deployment of optimization models, combining leading solver engines with a tightly integrated IDE and modeling language.
Also available in: Chinese   Portuguese  
Trial Downloads 09 Sep 2014
Comment lines: Making good decisions through business analytics
In order to make good decisions, you need to understand what’s going on around you. But it can take a lot of work to make sense of the vast and diverse data that is available to you, and even more work to understand how it can help you to make decisions. Fortunately, IBM has done a lot of this work for you. Top-tier statistical and optimization packages like IBM SPSS and IBM ILOG CPLEX show IBM’s continuing commitment to business analytics technology solutions that help you use and understand the data that supports your business. With unique levels of accessibility to this data within reach, the next important task for IT services everywhere is putting this data to good use.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian  
Articles 17 Jul 2013
Get started with IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server
The IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server, a new feature of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.4, allows remote, concurrent, queued, multi-user solving for OPL applications. Learn about the architecture of CPLEX Enterprise Server and implement its CPLEX optimization solution as a client application in Java.
Also available in: Portuguese  
Articles 21 Feb 2012
The Support Authority: Major new usability features in Fix Central make it easy and more convenient to find the fixes you need
Exciting new changes have been made to IBM's Electronic Fix Distribution system and its public website, Fix Central. In addition to numerous usability enhancements based on user feedback, a new feature that grabs the set of installed IBM software products on your server and links you to available updates is now being piloted.
Articles 07 Dec 2011
The Support Authority: Leverage the advantages of IBM Software Accelerated Value Program
IBM provides a variety of self-help tools and other support resources to help you maintain and troubleshoot systems that are based on the IBM software product portfolio. You can now work even faster and smarter with the addition of the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program. This article describes the advantages of the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program and how these additional services would impact your day-to-day operations.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 14 Apr 2010
Practical Scheduling Examples
This paper demonstrates how to use IBM ILOG CP Optimizer to efficiently model and solve practical scheduling problems.
Also available in: Portuguese  
Articles 01 Mar 2010
Solve your Toughest Planning and Scheduling Problems: How Business Managers can use Mathematical Optimization Technology
This whitepaper introduces optimization as a tool for practical decision support applications for business managers.
Also available in: Portuguese  
Articles 01 Mar 2010
Latin American University Uses Optimization to Plan and Schedule Forestry Operations
Chile’s forestry industry relies on planning and scheduling solutions that use optimization—some using IBM® ILOG CPLEX—which won the INFORMS Edelman Award in 1998.
Also available in: Portuguese  
Articles 01 Mar 2010
Optimization Applications in Finance, Securities, Banking and Insurance
This white paper shows how the IBM ILOG CPLEX and IBM ILOG OPL Development System enable rapid development and deployment of applications that address the financial sectors’ most important competitive differentiators.
Articles 01 Mar 2010
Detailed Scheduling in IBM ILOG OPL with IBM ILOG CP Optimizer
IBM ILOG OPL gives you access to IBM ILOG CP Optimizer features that have been specially adapted to detailed solving problems over fine-grained time.
Also available in: Portuguese  
Articles 01 Mar 2010
Financial Services Technology Provider Uses Optimization to Restock Automatic Teller Machines
A major provider of financial electronic commerce services and products to banks and financial institutions around the world needed a way to schedule restocking of automatic teller machines (ATMs) that would take into account customer withdrawing habits and government cash management regulations.
Also available in: Portuguese  
Articles 01 Mar 2010
Comment lines by Kyle Brown: Paying back technical debt
If you have ever put off completing part of a project with the intention of coming back later to finish it, then you have incurred technical debt. Like financial debt, technical debt is serious and can snowball unless you are aware of it and have a plan in place to manage it. This article presents five steps to help you identify, reduce, and handle your organization's ongoing technical debt situation.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian   Portuguese  
Articles 27 Jan 2010
IBM ILOG CPLEX Teaching Edition 12.1 Trial
IBM ILOG OPL-CPLEX Analyst Studio Teaching Edition provides the most convenient way to learn optimization and constraint programming modeling for planning and scheduling. With its Integrated Development Environment, descriptive modeling language, and built in tools, it supports the entire model development process. This is the recommended package for teachers and students to learn optimization modeling and use the results in academic projects.
Downloads 17 Nov 2009
IBM ILOG CPLEX Teaching Edition 12.1 Trial
Download the IBM ILOG CPLEX Teaching Edition 12.1 Trial, which provides the capability to solve mathematical programming problems with unmatched speed and reliability. Fundamental algorithms include simplex, barrier and mixed integer optimizers, which businesses use to compute optimal plans and schedules, helping them to make smarter decisions through applied mathematics.
Downloads 17 Nov 2009

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