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Messaging security guide for IBM Lotus Expeditor 6.2.3 integrator software
This white paper extends the existing IBM Lotus Expeditor integrator documentation with step-by-step instructions for enabling messaging-communication security for Lotus Expeditor integrator scenarios.
Articles 19 Mar 2012
IBM LotusLive and IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meetings Plug-in
This white paper provides detailed information about the installation, configuration, and usage of the IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte and IBM LotusLive Meetings plug-ins available to use with your IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime clients.
Also available in: Portuguese  
Articles 27 May 2010
Introducing the IBM Lotus Expeditor STable control widget
Learn about the “skinnable” table (STable) control widget, in which the color and font of the table, table body, and header match the style of an application, if the application is using a custom theme. It is one of the core components of IBM Lotus Notes 8 Java views. This article is for developers who want to understand what an STable can do and how they can build applications using STable widgets.
Articles 30 Apr 2009
Using IBM Lotus Expeditor Toolkit 6.1.2 to develop a plug-in to extend IBM Lotus Sametime
This article shows you how to use the IBM® Lotus® Expeditor toolkit to develop a plug-in to extend IBM Lotus Sametime®. It also shows you how to run and debug this plug-in in the Lotus Expeditor toolkit and how to install the plug-in in Lotus Sametime.
Articles 09 Dec 2008
User experience guidelines for IBM Lotus rich client applications and plug-ins
This white paper describes user-interface design and interaction guidelines for designers and developers who are building IBM Lotus Notes applications, IBM Lotus Sametime plug-ins, IBM Lotus Symphony plug-ins, IBM Lotus Expeditor plug-ins, or composite applications.
Articles 18 Jan 2008
IBM Lotus Expeditor restricted workbench: The lockdown service and associated native function
Learn about IBM Lotus Expeditor restricted workbench and discover how to prevent users from accessing applications and functions without specific permission from the administrator.
Also available in: Japanese  
Articles 18 Sep 2007
Using the IBM Lotus Expeditor micro broker MQTT client to publish messages
Learn how to use the IBM Lotus Expeditor micro broker to support the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) publish/subscribe messaging protocol. Create a sample publisher, publish to a topic, and verify the receipt of the message.
Also available in: English   Chinese   Russian   Japanese  
Articles 24 Jul 2007
Working with plug-ins in IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5.1: Developing the BuddyNote plug-in
Building IBM Lotus Sametime on top of Lotus Expeditor lets you use Eclipse as a Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) to extend Lotus Sametime's functionality in many ways. This article, part 2 of a four-part series, shows how to develop the BuddyNote plug-in from scratch.
Articles 17 Jul 2007
Developing and testing portlet applications with Lotus Expeditor and Rational Application Developer
Learn how to develop client services portlet applications for Lotus Expeditor using Rational Application Developer v7 and Lotus Expeditor Toolkit v6.1. The toolkit extends the IBM Rational Software Development Platform IDE to develop and deploy Java applications with rich user interfaces that can run on desktop or wireless devices.
Articles 18 Apr 2007
Building and deploying a simple Web Services Resource in IBM Lotus Expeditor
Learn how to build a simple Web Services Resource and how to deploy it to IBM Lotus Expeditor. This article explains the WSRF Tools that are used to generate server- and client-side components and how to develop a test client that you can use to test the WS-Resource.
Also available in: Russian   Japanese  
Articles 05 Dec 2006
1 - 10 of 10 results
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