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Build a Hangman game with Java, Ajax, and Cloudant
Learn how to build an online Hangman game by using the Bluemix Liberty for Java runtime and Cloudant NoSQL database service.
Also available in: Chinese  
04 Sep 2014
JVM concurrency: Asynchronous event handling in Scala
Scala Future and Promise classes give you powerful ways to handle asynchronous processing, including nonblocking ways to organize and sequence events. The async / await constructs, implemented as a macro, make it even easier to write nonblocking event handling in Scala. This tutorial shows you the basic Future and Promise techniques in action, then demonstrates how async / await can convert what looks like simple blocking code to nonblocking execution.
02 Sep 2014
Developing JAX-RS 1.1 RESTful Services in Rational Software Architect V8 for deployment to WebSphere Application Server V8
Learn how to expose existing business functionality embedded in legacy applications as JAX-RS 1.1 RESTful services using WebSphere Application Server V8.0 and Rational Software Architect.
Also available in: Portuguese  
02 Nov 2011
Introduction to Java programming, Part 1: Java language basics
This two-part tutorial introduces the structure, syntax, and programming paradigm of the Java language and platform. You'll learn the Java syntax you are most likely to encounter professionally and Java programming idioms you can use to build robust, maintainable Java applications. In Part 1, J. Steven Perry guides you through the essentials of object-oriented programming on the Java platform, including fundamental Java syntax and its use. You'll get started with creating Java objects and adding behavior to them, and conclude with an introduction to the Java Collections Framework, with considerable ground covered in between.
Also available in: Portuguese   Spanish  
19 Aug 2010
Introduction to Java programming, Part 2: Constructs for real-world applications
Continue familiarizing yourself with object-oriented programming on the Java platform. This second half of the "Introduction to Java programming" tutorial introduces the more-sophisticated syntax and libraries you will need to develop complex, real-world Java applications.
Also available in: Russian   Portuguese   Spanish  
19 Aug 2010
Create stand-alone web services applications with Eclipse and Java SE 6, Part 1: The web service server application
Use the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6 to create a stand-alone web services application that can be run from the console. In this tutorial, the first in a series, start by getting familiar with the Eclipse IDE. Configure the environment; create projects, packages, and classes; then run the application from the command line.
Also available in: Vietnamese  
13 Nov 2008
Design and develop JAX-WS 2.0 web services
Using Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) technology to design and develop web services yields many benefits, including simplifying the construction of web services and web service clients in Java, easing the development and deployment of web services, and speeding up web services development. This tutorial walks you through how to do all of this and more by developing a sample order-processing application that exposes its functionality as web services. After going through this tutorial, you'll be able to apply these concepts and your newly acquired knowledge to develop web services for your application using JAX-WS technology.
Also available in: Russian   Vietnamese  
20 Sep 2007
Build grid-ready apps with ObjectGrid
ObjectGrid is a part of the WebSphere Extended Development Data Grid offering, but you can you install it as a standalone package as well. Learn the basics of installing and using this in-memory database for your Java applications. You'll see how to set it up to use one or more machines, and then walk through a series of sample applications that demonstrate its capabilities.
04 Sep 2007
Introduction to Apache Maven 2
Modern software projects are no longer solely monolithic creations of single local project teams. With the increased availability of robust, enterprise-grade open source components, today's software projects require dynamic collaboration among project teams and often depend on a mix of globally created and maintained components. Now in its second generation, the Apache Maven build system -- unlike legacy build tools created before the Internet-enabled era of global software development -- was designed from the ground up to take on these modern challenges. This tutorial gets you started with Maven 2.
19 Dec 2006
XML and Related Technologies certification prep, Part 1: Architecture
A software system's architecture and performance requirements affect your decision of which XML technologies are most appropriate for your application's needs. This tutorial on architecture teaches you how to discern where and when to use XML in system design. It is the first tutorial in a series of five tutorials that you can use to help prepare for the IBM certification Test 142, XML and Related Technologies.
Also available in: Chinese   Vietnamese   Spanish  
29 Aug 2006
Hit the ground running with AIDE, Part 1: Building a touchpoint
This tutorial, the first in a series on the IBM Autonomic Integrated Development Environment (AIDE), shows how you can get up and running quickly with the IBM AIDE toolkit. Discover touchpoint creation, modification, and deployment and learn about the internals of the touchpoint in relation to the underlying model.
18 Apr 2006
Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform, Part 1: Test, profile, and monitor applications
Learn how to use the Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) to profile a Java application, and discover how to quantify memory usage, identify memory leaks, and isolate performance bottlenecks.
14 Feb 2006
Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform, Part 1: Test, profile, and monitor applications
Learn how to use the Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) to profile a Java application, and discover how to quantify memory usage, identify memory leaks, and isolate performance bottlenecks.
Also available in: Portuguese  
14 Feb 2006
Introduction to Apache Derby
Get the basic skills you need to use Apache Derby in Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) environments where Derby is embedded as a database, such as in Apache Geronimo. This tutorial demonstrates how to embed Derby within Geronimo and how to use Derby and Geronimo to deploy a Web-based e-commerce application. It also helps you become familiar with Derby's system tools, a set of utilities that make application development with Derby easy and straightforward.
20 Dec 2005
Build apps using Asynchronous JavaScript with XML (Ajax)
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript with XML) enables a dynamic, asynchronous Web experience without the need for page refreshes. In this tutorial, you learn to build Ajax-based Web applications -- complete with real time validation and without page refreshes -- by following the construction of a sample book order application.
15 Nov 2005
Getting started with new I/O (NIO)
The new input/output (NIO) library, introduced with JDK 1.4, provides high-speed, block-oriented I/O in standard Java code. This hands-on tutorial covers the NIO library in great detail, from the high-level concepts to under-the-hood programming detail. You'll learn about crucial I/O elements like buffers and channels, and examine how standard I/O works in the updated library.
09 Jul 2003
Deliver Web services to mobile apps
Learn how to access Web services using J2ME-enabled mobile devices and the kSOAP library. Naveen Balani has you building your first application right away in this free, dW-exclusive tutorial.
28 Jan 2003

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