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Integrate your enterprise and software architectures
Steve Arnold and Jas Atwal walk you through integrating enterprise architecture stored in IBM Rational System Architect with model elements stored in the Rational Software Architect extension for Design Management. Then they show how to use the integration to save time by easily navigating between the enterprise and system elements and how to spot traceability gaps and to visualize the relationships.
Also available in: Russian  
Articles 22 Jan 2013
What's new in Rational Software Architect 8.5 and Design Manager 4 beta
IBM Rational Software Architect Version 8.5 introduces technology support for Spring, Hibernate, Struts2 and Java 7, and makes adoption easier by providing a Visio import option. This new version also includes the Design Manager Version 4 beta, which introduces simplified team working and improves reuse. Steve Arnold describes these and other highlights of this release.
Also available in: Chinese   Vietnamese  
Articles 05 Jun 2012
Make continuous deployment practical and cost-effective with Rational ALM tools
Continuous deployment means deploying software changes to a development, test, preproduction, or production environment. It is similar to adopting continuous compilation and then continuous integration to build every change. Steve Arnold outlines the three main challenges of this approach: design, automation, and governance. Then he explains how using specific Rational tools for ALM, in combination with the cloud, make it practical and cost-effective, because it reduces the effort of testing and deployment, improves governance, and lowers risks of deploying to a production environment.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 21 Feb 2012
Improve the quality of unit testing by increasing code coverage
One of the challenges for many agile software development teams is to ensure that their unit tests cover most of the code. This is critical in ensuring that they create as few defects as possible and that the code can be refactored. Therefore, one of the key metrics (other than all tests passing) is the amount of code that has been covered. Starting in version 8.0.3 of Rational Application Developer, you can configure IBM Rational Application Developer and integrate it with IBM Rational Team Concert to run your tests and check code coverage before allowing the code to be delivered. This article walks you through how to set up this precondition, called the Code Coverage Advisor, and shows how you can use it to increase the coverage of code tested in your projects.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 04 Oct 2011
Leaner software development using DevOps
Inspired by lean software development principles, this article focuses on various ways to help you notice and remove waste in your process and your time, all while improving time to feedback.
Also available in: Russian  
Articles 02 Jun 2014
Use the Spellchecker script to check spelling in UML models or parts of models
This script enables you to check the spelling of your model descriptions, by country codes, in U.K. English, U.S. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish.
Articles 26 Aug 2008
Behind the scenes with developerWorks authors
Learn about your peers in our new Roll Call Q&A series.
Articles 03 Apr 2012
Integrate Blueworks Live business processes with Rational CLM
In this article you will learn how to deploy, configure and use the Blueworks Live OSLC adapter, so that you can link project artifacts in to the business processes documented in Blueworks Live. By deploying this adapter your development teams can easily find the related business process, and thus build a better understanding of the requirements. In turn they're enabled to build better software that supports the business.
Also available in: Chinese   Portuguese  
Articles 07 Oct 2014
Overview of Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software Version 7.5
This article discusses the new features of IBM Rational Software Architect for WebSphere which are available in the Version 7.5 release. This article focuses on the new modeling and transformations features in Rational Software Architect. New IBM Rational Application developer features around EJB3 and JPA, Web 2.0 and other areas are detailed in the companion article referenced at the end of this article.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian  
Articles 26 Sep 2008
View of Participating Classes script for UML models
This script enables you to quickly generate a Participating Classes (or participants) diagram from a use case realization or package.
Articles 26 Aug 2008
Synchronize requirements between Rational Team Concert and Rational RequisitePro
This article describes a Jazz connector that synchronizes requirements to work items in IBM Rational Team Concert so that you can initialize your plan based on your requirements. You will learn how to install the connector and get it up and running in your environment.
Also available in: Chinese   Portuguese   Spanish  
Articles 10 Aug 2010
Analysing models and model metrics
This article describes how to use the Model Metrics Analysis view in IBM Rational Software Modeler, Rational Software Architect, or Rational Systems Developer to analyse models and discover potential problem areas, such as classes with too many dependencies or dependents.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 30 Oct 2007
What's new in IBM Rational Software Architect 8.0
This article discusses the new features of IBM Rational Software Architect that are available in Version 8.0. It focuses primarily on the core features, thus it only lightly covers the new extensions. Future articles might provide more details on those.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian   Portuguese   Spanish  
Articles 24 Aug 2010
How to generate simple Web sites fast
This article describes how to use IBM Rational Software Architect to generate working Web pages from a UML data model. The generated Web site provides pages that offer create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) functionality for the defined data model. It can be used to generate the simple data management screens for your application, thus enabling you to focus on more complex, higher-value development.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian  
Articles 27 May 2008
Improve the quality of your unit testing by integrating eclEmma and Rational Team Concert
This article describes how to set up eclEmma and IBM Rational Team Concert so that you can automatically check your code coverage when code is delivered to a stream. The delivery can then be prevented if the coverage is not sufficient. This process makes it possible for teams to ensure that their unit tests are being effective and that they have high levels of coverage. It also helps teams with existing code to incrementally improve the coverage and quality of the code.
Articles 08 Apr 2014
Get automated, consistent color in your UML models by using the UML Coloring plug-in
By using the UML Coloring plug-in, you can define rules to automatically color UML elements as they are placed on the diagram surface in either IBM Rational Software Modeler or IBM Rational Software Architect UML models. This helps you apply a consistent coloring scheme to model elements, based on element traits. Coloring models in a consistent way can be a significant aid to improving others' understanding of the model.
Also available in: Chinese   Spanish  
Articles 18 Feb 2010

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