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Use OData with IBM DB2 and Informix
This article provides a brief introduction to OData, a Web API for data access. It then goes on to describe how OData can be used with IBM DB2, for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, for z/OS, and for Informix. Finally, it provides step-by-step instructions for exposing OData from DB2 in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio.
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31 May 2012
Use Informix ODBC Driver with an ODBC Driver Manager
Because there are many different types of ODBC Driver managers available in today's market, many users find it complicated to configure the IBM Informix ODBC Driver to work with third-party driver managers such as UnixODBC, Progress DataDirect, or iODBC. This article describes the components used by an ODBC application and provides a quick reference of the configuration parameters needed to set up IBM Informix ODBC with a third-party ODBC Driver Manager.
Also available in: Chinese  
04 Aug 2011
Get started developing applications with the IBM Data Server Driver Package
The IBM Data Server Driver Package (also referred to as the ds driver) can be used to provide runtime support for various customer applications that interact with DB2 for Linux(R), UNIX(R), and Windows(R), z/OS(R), IBM i(R), and Informix(R) databases through APIs, including ODBC/CLI, .NET, and JDBC. The IBM Data Server Driver Package supports open source and Java(TM), as well as applications that use ODBC, OLE DB, and .NET provider. Find out about advantages, disadvantages, and examples of a IBM Data Server Driver Package solution compared with other driver solutions, such as the IBM Data Server Runtime Client solution. Get the details on how the IBM Data Server Driver Package is supported across various platforms and languages. Learn how to install and configure the IBM Data Server Driver Package, how to use configuration files, and how to deploy and upgrade this package on Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
Also available in: Chinese  
24 Mar 2011
01 Apr 2010
Writing great code with the IBM FileNet P8 APIs, Part 3: Take a number
Yes, you, too, can have an ECM-backed corner bakery with a tidy customer queue! Just have them take a number. This article discusses implementation techniques for getting reliably unique sequence numbers from a FileNet P8 repository. Some of the obvious approaches have hidden dangers, but a correct and useful approach is simple and performant. Along the way to solving this common problem, we'll see some things about P8 development that have a much wider scope.
Also available in: Vietnamese  
15 Oct 2009
Solution development using DB2 and InfoSphere MashupHub
The popularity of Web applications has given rise to mashups, which allow creation of consolidated information through information aggregation. While mashups are not a new concept, IBM InfoSphere MashupHub provides a single integration tool to combine data from multiple sources. In this article, get an introduction to the use of IBM DB2 with InfoSphere MashupHub, and learn to create both pureXML feeds and Relational Database Query feeds for use with the DB2 database.
09 Apr 2009
More pureQuery Performance: Now with .NET applications accessing DB2 for z/OS
26 Mar 2009
Develop a sample application using LINQ programming and the ADO.NET Entity Framework with IBM DB2, IDS, and U2 servers
The IBM Data Server Provider for .NET enables application developers to take advantage of the Microsoft Entity Framework and LINQ. You can easily develop data access .NET applications using one of the IBM data servers (DB2, Informix Dynamic Server, or U2), the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework, and LINQ. This article shows you how to get started using the Entity Framework with one of the IBM data servers, walking you step-by-step through the process of creating your own application.
12 Mar 2009
Recommended reading list: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows application development
Learn about DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows with this reading list, compiled especially for the database developer community. This popular article is updated to include the latest content that has been published for DB2 9.5.
Also available in: Chinese  
05 Feb 2009
Perform OmniFind searches from .NET using Web services
In this article, learn how to implement a basic Microsoft .NET search application using the IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition Web services interface. Besides providing a powerful Java Application Programming Interface that permits developers to integrate its search capabilities in J2EE- or Java-based custom applications, OmniFind Enterprise Edition also makes available a Web services programming interface that you can use to to perform searches using any programming language that supports Web services and SOAP standards.
Also available in: Chinese  
05 Feb 2009
Create IBM Data Web Services using IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio
Learn how the IBM Database Add-Ins for Microsoft Visual Studio tool set supports IBM data server Web services development. Walk through the creation of a data Web service, and see how it can be deployed to easily access IBM DB2 or IBM Informix from your Web applications.
Also available in: Chinese  
02 Feb 2009
Generate data-bound Extensible Application Markup Language using IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio
Create Windows Presentation Foundation XAML applications with ease utilizing IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio, without having knowledge of XAML or a deep understanding of IBM databases.
Also available in: Chinese  
18 Dec 2008
What’s new and exciting in IBM Data Studio Developer 2.1
Discover how IBM Data Studio Developer 2.1 will give you a better understanding of your database application. See how the new implementation of Data Studio Developer can improve your productivity and enable better collaboration between developers and DBAs. Follow along with the scenarios in this article and experience how you can get more done, with greater ease and with greater insights, using Data Studio Developer 2.1.
Also available in: Chinese   Vietnamese  
03 Dec 2008
Create a Windows workflow application using Windows Workflow Foundation in IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio
Access DB2 or Informix data by creating Windows workflow application using the latest IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio.
06 Nov 2008
Work with Informix Dynamic Server V11.10 and IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005 V9.5
The IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005 allow users working in the Visual Studio 2005 environment to connect to several IBM databases and perform rapid application development, as well as several database operations. The latest release of IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005 V9.5 now includes support to connect and work with IBM Informix Dynamic Server V11.10. Get an overview of all the features that have been added to IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005 V9.5 to work with Informix Dynamic Server V11.10.
Also available in: Chinese  
18 Oct 2007
Rapid Windows application development with IBM Informix Dynamic Server and IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005
IBM introduced the IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005 to allow rapid Windows application development, database schema development, and debugging, along with numerous other features. Now, support for Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) is added to this product, allowing IDS application developers to use some of the basic and important Visual Studio functionalities. In this article, you'll be introduced to the functionalities provided by IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005 for Informix.
03 May 2007
Creating and working with DB2 for z/OS stored procedures, Part 2: Alter DB2 for z/OS V9.1 stored procedures using IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005
Learn how to alter DB2 for z/OS stored procedures using non-destructive alteration techniques now available in the Procedure Designer, part of the IBM Database Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005. You can use the Procedure Designer to alter both external and native SQL procedures, as well as creating and managing several versions of native procedures, giving you an easy way to create, update, and manage your DB2 for z/OS stored procedures.
22 Mar 2007
1 - 17 of 17 results
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