An introduction to XML

On-demand skills session


An Introduction to XML provides students and entry-level professionals with demonstrations of the basics of learning XML, covering topics such as Web 2.0, AJAX, RSS, Web Services and managing XML data. These short Web-based video modules provide clear examples of XML as well as references to popular Web sites that use XML.

Watch the series of modules or select a module by topic. Then, join the developerWorks community to talk to peers about this and other skills sessions.

What are on-demand skills sessions?

On-demand skills sessions let you learn about new technologies at your own pace. These visual and interactive video-based sessions are available online for your convenience. Watch the whole series or a module, depending on the topics that interest you. Including demos and real world examples, on-demand skills sessions are a great introduction to new technologies and concepts. After you've tried a skills session, connect with your peers through the developerWorks community and share the knowledge.

Module 1: The basics

Module 1 provides a glimpse of what XML is, what it can do, as well as teaches some basic concepts and code.

Topics include:

Module 2: XML and Web 2.0

Module 2 looks at XML in relation to Web Services (SOAP, WSDL) and Web 2.0 (AJAX, RSS, ATOM). Through examples and industry references, this module provides an introductory look at these concepts and how XML plays a role.

Topics include:

Module 3: Managing XML data

Module 3 introduces topics related to the management of XML data including understanding and querying XML data through technologies such as XSLT, XPath and Query. Examples of code and industry scenarios help to demonstrate the use of XML across applications and Web sites.

Topics include: