Learning circles

Bringing people and resources together for informal learning

What's a learning circle?

It's a community space where people come together to learn about a subject. A learning circle rounds up resources and guided learning activities that have been chosen by subject matter experts. Use these activities to create your own personalized learning roadmaps.

Our new approach to learning now includes YOU.

Video: Welcome to Learning circle

Welcome to Learning circle orientation

In a learning circle, you can:

Find and discuss targeted learning activities to build your understanding.

Ask questions or join a conversation on the community discussion forum — a safe place to ask your getting-started questions.

Blog about your ideas and experiences.

Find experts and additional resources.

Create learning roadmaps

Everyone's busy. Because you may not have time to browse all the resources and mingle with other learners in one sitting, learning circles help you create your own personal roadmaps, your pathways through the resources.

You can check off items as you complete them, break away whenever you need to, and easily return anytime. No guesswork; no wasted time trying to recreate where you were.

You can keep your progress confidential, of course. But you also have the option of easily sharing your progress with a mentor, your manager, or your team so you can all progress together.

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What people are saying

"This is the future of learning — opening up and being more transparent with clients and vice versa."

"It's like having an expert sitting beside you."

"I like this idea a lot — a space where you can ask questions, and therefore admit a certain lack of knowledge, without fear of blow-back."

"Everyone has something to learn and something to contribute."

"I learn better at my own pace, and I always have access to the collective wisdom of the group."

"The insights I'm gaining in the circle help me whenever I talk to experts."

"The next best thing to hallway conversations."