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Perform text analytics with Bluemix analytics services

  • Learn how to perform text analytics using the Analytics for Hadoop service and dashDB service on IBM Bluemix. See a case scenario that uses the 2014 Emmy Awards nominees. Two lists with all the nominees were obtained from the USA Today web site. The first list includes the actors, and the second includes the series. These lists are used to create the dictionaries to perform text analytics.


  • A year of Bluemix: Top 10 apps

    95See which Bluemix apps made the dW editorial team's list of favorites. From water conservation to taking on Watson, tracking your fitness, and finding your parked car, this list has a bit of everything.

    Jenni Aloi / 10 March 2015

  • Build a holidays notification app for Android on Bluemix

    95Learn to develop an app for Android mobile devices to get notifications of upcoming holidays. The MyHolidays app lets users register their mobile device with this service. Registered users can receive notifications on their mobile device, at desired intervals (weekly, bimonthly, monthly), about upcoming holidays and plan vacations accordingly.

    Arun Kumar Rachamalla, Harish Kumar Challa, Naga Palasamudram / 10 March 2015

  • Rapidly build a rich three-tier web app

    95In this three-part tutorial series, learn how to use IBM Rational Application Developer and IBM Bluemix to rapidly build and host a multi-tier Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) app. Find out how you can save time in each stage. When the application is complete, you'll deploy it to IBM Bluemix.

    Steve Arnold / 10 March 2015

  • Build a secure app with Bluemix and social media authentication

    95Discover the benefits of social login for IBM Bluemix application users. Using a sample Ruby on Rails application, this tutorial walks you through the process. The social login sample includes the necessary application modifications, the social account configuration, and the required Bluemix configuration. You can download the sample implementation's source and a hosted Bluemix instance.

    Jason Anderson / 09 March 2015

  • Editors' picks: Top 10 Bluemix tutorials - Winter 2015

    95It's hard to believe how far we've come with Bluemix in the past year! Since then, IBM has announced a host of new IBM, third-party, and open source services and runtimes you can use to build, deploy, run, and manage almost any kind of application you can dream of. The developerWorks editorial team has been working closely with top cloud and services experts to create a full library of quick-starts, tutorials, videos, and demos to show you what you can do with Bluemix and its services, and teach you how to do it quickly and easily.

    Christine D. Rothemich / 08 March 2015

  • Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson

    95Integrate an IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) V8.5 application with the Personality Insights service on IBM Bluemix. Your team can then use IBM Watson to tailor communications and decisions based on the audience. IBM BPM is widely used to automate business processes. The Personality Insights service improves understanding of people's preferences to help engage users on their own terms.

    Raj Mehra / 01 March 2015

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