Practical threaded programming with Python

Jun 3, 2008 ... Threaded programming in Python can be done with a minimal ... with threads in
Python, we will start with a simple "Hello World" example: ...

Sockets programming in Python

Oct 4, 2005 ... In this tutorial, you first learn a few Python basics and see why ... on this theme,
including UDPServers and forking and threading servers.

Charming Python: Implementing "weightless threads" with Python ...

Jun 1, 2002 ... Similar to Stackless Python microthreads, but using standard Python 2.2 -- they ...
Even so-called "lightweight" threading libraries have threads that are orders of ....
The example in question uses particularly pointless threads.

Multiprocessing with Python

Mar 24, 2009 ... Multiprocessing mimics parts of the threading API in Python to give the ... In the
next example, enhance the original fork code and set an ...

Web development tips: Use for threaded Python ...

Aug 21, 2007 ... However, active processes (threaded or forked) almost inevitably eat up a
valuable resource: database connections. The module in ...

High-performance XML parsing in Python with lxml

Oct 28, 2008 ... lxml is a fast yet flexible library for XML processing in Python. ... be desirable
when only a few elements are of interest, such as in this example. ..... advantage
to run it as a threaded application in a multiprocessor environment.

Charming Python: Using state machines

Aug 1, 2000 ... Using state machines. Algorithms and programming approaches in Python ... A
simple example is a line that might occur in a Python source file: ...

Python basics for PHP developers

Feb 9, 2010 ... You'll also love Python's multi-threading capabilities; this was one of the ... For
example, the code in Listing 3 prints a note after each number in ...

Charming Python: SimPy simplifies complex models

Dec 1, 2002 ... In this article, David takes a look at SimPy, a Python package that ... used
standard threading rather than my semi-coroutine technique. ... In fact, my
example subclasses Monitor to provide some (slight) enhanced capabilities.

Android applications using Python and SL4A, Part 1: Set up your ...

Dec 19, 2011 ... This series of articles explores how to use Python and Scripting Layer for ... for
writing both simple scripts and complex, multi-threaded applications. .... zone,
find hundreds of how-to articles and tutorials, as well as downloads, ...

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