The right way to read files with PHP

Feb 13, 2007 ... The right way to read files with PHP. Learn when to use fopen, fclose, feof, fgets,
fgetss, and fscanf. Roger McCoy. Published on February 13, ...

PHP でファイルを読み取るための正しい方法

2007年2月13日 ... PHP のさまざまなファイル関数の使い方を学びましょう。まず fopen や fclose、feof
などの基本的なファイル関数について調べ、さらに fgets や ...

<?php // Initializations and default values. $title = "PHP Demo ...

$title = "PHP Demo Webzine"; $slogan = "Illustrating the coolness of PHP since ...
break; $stories[$numstories] = fgets($handle,999); } fclose($handle); } else ...

Information Management:DB2 Application Development:PHP 4 ...

Apr 10, 2008 ... Because of my client's refusal to change, I need a PHP 4 (no cURL, ... So far, I
have been unable to find a PHP 4 solution. ... fgets($fp, 128);

Develop multitasking applications with PHP V5

Aug 7, 2007 ... Find out about in-process PHP multitasking using stream_select and ... other
PHP program, the reading could equally well be done with fgets .

PHP configuration patterns

Aug 29, 2006 ... This article demonstrates several ways to create configurable PHP applications. It
also discusses the ideal configuration points in an ...

Batch processing in PHP

Dec 5, 2006 ... You need some type of offline processing solution. Check out several methods
for offline servicing of long-running jobs in your PHP application.

The right way to read files with PHP

Feb 13, 2007 ... It covers file access using the fopen, fclose, feof, fgets, fgetss, and fscanf
commands. ... Re: New article - "The right way to read files with PHP".

PHP V5 でマルチタスク動作のアプリケーションを開発する

2007年8月7日 ... PHP 開発者の多くは、標準的な PHP にはスレッド機能がないため、実際の ... 他の
PHP プログラムと同様、この読み取りは fgets を使っても同じように ...

Connect PHP to DB2 and Cloudscape via PDO

Mar 10, 2005 ... While PHP has always had very good database connectivity, PDO takes PHP to
... such as fgets(), fread(), fgetcsv() and stream_get_contents().

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