PHP encryption for the common man

Jul 25, 2006 ... Consider how today's world differs from the world of just 20 years ago. Long ago,
in the 1980s, encryption was spy stuff -- something you read ...

PHP renewed: Password security in modern PHP

Apr 15, 2015 ... Keep your PHP web applications' passwords safe from hackers. ... to handle one-
way password encryption with current best-practice methods.

Sentry 2 and PHP, Part 1: Authentication and access control for PHP

Oct 1, 2013 ... Sentry 2 can be used either as part of a PHP framework (FuelPHP, ... SQL query
in Listing 3 creates a user record with an encrypted password.

Build PHP extensions with SWIG

Jan 12, 2010 ... Let's build an extension to encrypt and decrypt messages with the Linux mcrypt
library. PHP provides an mcrypt library, but it's little more than a ...

Calling secured Web services methods from PHP

May 5, 2006 ... Using the new SOAP extension in PHP 5, you'll see how to implement ... and
many other elements in WS-Security, such as XML Encryption and ...

Administrating and Developing with Informix Blog

Feb 11, 2013 ... ..... I
would love to call this "disk level encryption", but the truth is DLE is ...

Securing the OpenAdmin Tool for Informix web server with HTTPS

Create an encryption key and a certificate for the new OAT web server so that ...
Informix Client Software Development Kit, an Apache web server and PHP with ...

Criptografia de dados de sessão no PHP - iMasters Blog - $utils ...

6 jul. 2011 ... Texto original disponível em
session-data/ ⁂ Este artigo apresenta um exemplo de sólida ...

Total security in a PostgreSQL database

Nov 17, 2009 ... Passwords are stored as unencrypted or encrypted. Unencrypted passwords are
stored in the clear and can be read by the superuser.

dW:Web services:IBM DataPower Gateways:DP AES encryption and ...

Mar 14, 2009 ... Is the output of dp:encrypt-string() using ... Re: DP AES encryption and decrypting
it outside of DataPower ... ...

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