Sockets programming in Python

Oct 4, 2005 ... To build the Python interpreter, you need the GNU C compiler (gcc) and the
configure/make utilities (which are part of any standard GNU/Linux ...

The Linux on Power Community : Porting from Intel x86 to Power ...

Jan 26, 2017 ... A Python interpreter in a Linux x86_64 machine can translate that same Python
code to Intel x86_64 instructions, and so on. The Java ...

如何在Linux环境下安装和配置SCMAI PHP,Python,Postgrel,Node.js ...

情况:在LinuxLinux 6.3 以上)环境下,配置环境需要特别注意: 1.PHP和Python不要
安装在同一台Server上;. 2.注意Agent开启时,要配置Linux防火墙以确保通讯;. 3.

Charming Python: Make Python run as fast as C with Psyco

Oct 1, 2002 ... With only a tiny amount of extra programming, Python programmers can often ...
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Using Python to create UNIX command line tools

Mar 18, 2008 ... This articles covers making a robust command line tool in Python, ... Solaris, Free
BSD, Red Hat Linux®, Ubuntu, OS X, IRIX, and even a Nokia ...

IBM Services Assets : Installing Python MQ on Linux RHE

Dec 11, 2016 ... Introduction. This document explains how to install Python MQ Interface (PyMQI)
in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Python is an attractive language.

Information Management:IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows ...

May 24, 2016 ... ... DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows Forum > Topic: Python ibm_db:
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc8 in position 38.

Python for system administrators

Sep 4, 2007 ... Adopt Python to manage UNIX(R) systems while incorporating ... These
examples were run on Python 2.5 running on a Linux® box, but they ...

Scripting the Linux desktop, Part 2: Scripting Nautilus

Feb 16, 2011 ... This series of articles explores how to use Python to create scripts for the GNOME
desktop, the screenlets framework, and Nautilus to deliver a ...

IBM developerWorks : Technical library

Results 1 - 60 of 60 ... Charming Python: Functional programming in Python, Part 1 ... Linux/UNIX), for
example, the ncurses library, wrapped in Python's standard ...

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