Inside the Linux boot process

May 31, 2006 ... The process of booting a Linux system consists of a number of stages. But
whether you're booting a standard x86 desktop or a deeply ...

Recover from a failed Linux boot

Oct 22, 2013 ... If your Linux computer fails to boot after a kernel upgrade, disk swap, or other ... (
GRUB) gives you ways to control the boot process and recover.

Linux initial RAM disk (initrd) overview

Jul 31, 2006 ... The Linux initial RAM disk (initrd) is a temporary root file system that is mounted
during system boot to support the two-state boot process.

Migrating from x86 to PowerPC, Part 2: Anatomy of the Linux boot ...

Feb 8, 2005 ... Migrating from x86 to PowerPC, Part 2, Anatomy of the Linux boot process.
Design notes for hardware and firmware involved in booting ...

Learn Linux, 101: Boot the system

Sep 20, 2011 ... Learn to guide your Linux system through the boot process. You can use the
material in this tutorial to study for the LPIC-1 101 exam for Linux ...

Linux tip: Finding rootfs during boot

Mar 11, 2009 ... This article outlines the Linux booting process on an x86 platform, shows why this
problem happens, and offers four tips to avoid it or fix it.

Customizing and monitoring Linux system startup

Feb 19, 2014 ... The basic steps in the first phase were described in an earlier developerWorks
article entitled "Inside the Linux Boot Process" (see Resources).

Learn Linux, 101: Runlevels, boot targets, shutdown, and reboot

Jan 5, 2011 ... This article commences with discussion of the traditional System V init process
and its runlevels. We then discuss upstart and systemd which ...

Tiny Core Linux - File Architecture and Boot Process (Brian Smith's ...

Jan 6, 2013 ... Tiny Core Linux ( is a very unique distribution of
Linux. Not only is it extremely small (the Tiny Core ISO download ...

Anatomy of the initrd and vmlinuz (Munshi Hafizul Haque (SazaL))

Oct 11, 2013 ... vmlinuz: vmlinuz is the name of the Linux kernel executable. vmlinuz is a
compressed Linux kernel, and it is ... Inside the Linux boot process.

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