Resizing Linux partitions, Part 1: Basics

Aug 11, 2010 ... This article guides you through the task of resizing Linux partitions, beginning ... It
then covers the common GParted partition resizing tool (also ...

Learn Linux, 101: Hard disk layout

Feb 24, 2010 ... Learn how to design a partition layout for disks on a Linux system. Use the
material in this tutorial to study for the Linux Professional Institute ...

Make the most of large drives with GPT and Linux

Jul 28, 2009 ... The heir apparent is the GUID Partition Table (GPT). Learn how to make sure
your Linux system is fully prepared for the future of disk storage.

Learn Linux, 101: Create partitions and filesystems

Jul 12, 2010 ... Overview. In this article, learn about disk partitions and Linux filesystems. Learn
to: Create a partition; Use mkfs commands to set up ext2, ext3, ...

Resizing Linux partitions, Part 2: Advanced resizing

Sep 1, 2010 ... Linux systems are often installed on multiple partitions, each of which ... This
article covers advanced partition resizing issues, including using ...

Learn Linux, 101: Create partitions and filesystems

Jul 12, 2010 ... In this tutorial, learn about disk partitions and Linux filesystems, .... Type 82 is a
Linux swap partition, and type 83 is a Linux data partition.

Linux on 4 KB sector disks: Practical advice

Mar 6, 2014 ... Thus, if a partition begins on a 4,096-byte (eight-sector) boundary, ... The source
Linux kernel tarball was stored on another disk, and for read ...

The Linux on Power Community : PowerLinux Boot howto

Power Firmware (OFW) scans chosen (nvram value boot-device[1]) device, for
either PReP* partition or vfat. PReP is raw and small (8M max) partition which ...

Recover from a failed Linux boot

Oct 22, 2013 ... If your Linux computer fails to boot after a kernel upgrade, disk swap, ...
unallocated disk sectors, and the partition's boot sector (also known as ...

Dynamic logical partitioning for Linux on POWER

Sep 29, 2005 ... This paper is intended for Linux(R) on POWER(TM) system ... Create a logical
partition and install SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (SLES9) or ...

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