Anatomy of the Linux kernel

Jun 6, 2007 ... Given that the goal of this article is to introduce you to the Linux kernel and
explore its architecture and major components, let's start with a short ...

dW:Linux:Linux for Power Architecture Forum

The Linux for Power Architecture Support Forum has moved to the new <a ... and
deploying Linux applications on IBM POWER processor-based systems.-->.

IBM developerWorks : Download : IBM Rational Software Architect

Download your free trial and access support resources here. Rational Software
Architect is an advanced and comprehensive application design, modeling and ...

Anatomy of the Linux file system

Oct 30, 2007 ... The Linux file system architecture is an interesting example of abstracting
complexity. Using a common set of API functions, a large variety of ...

Secure Linux: Part 1. SELinux – history of its development ...

May 30, 2012 ... Learn about the basic milestones in the development, architecture, and operating
principles of Security-Enhanced Linux, the powerful remix of ...

Network file systems and Linux

Nov 10, 2010 ... It then explores the NFS architecture and where NFS is going. ... Within Linux®,
the virtual file system switch (VFS) provides the means to ...

Inside the Linux boot process

May 31, 2006 ... The start_kernel function is then invoked ( init/main.c ), which takes you to the
non-architecture specific Linux kernel. This is, in essence, the ...

Porting Intel Applications to 64 bit Linux PowerPCt

Unlike other Linux platforms, Linux PowerPC offers not only GCC, but also the
IBM VA Compiler set.

Anatomy of Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)

Apr 29, 2008 ... SELinux takes the existing GNU/Linux operating system and ... This article
explores the ideas behind SELinux and its basic architecture.

Guide to port Linux on x86 applications to Linux on Power

Jun 11, 2014 ... There are several architecture-specific differences you should be aware of before
porting your x86 Linux applications to Power Systems.

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