Java theory and practice: Generics gotchas

Jan 25, 2005 ... In this month's Java theory and practice, Brian Goetz examines the ... would have
been to declare backingArray as an array of Object , and cast it to V[] ... The best
approach would be to pass a class literal ( Foo.class ) into the ...

Java theory and practice: Going wild with generics, Part 1

May 6, 2008 ... In this installment of Java theory and practice, veteran Java developer Brian ... It
knows that it is T for some unknown T , so the best it can do is ...

Java theory and practice: Where's your point?

Jan 1, 2003 ... This content is part of the series:Java theory and practice .... point to integer,
because casting to an integral type discards the non-integral portion, ... Floating
point numbers are best reserved for values such as measurements, ...

Java theory and practice: Decorating with dynamic proxies

Aug 30, 2005 ... The dynamic proxy facility, part of the java.lang.reflect package and added to the
... This content is part of the series:Java theory and practice ..... because a
technology can solve a problem doesn't mean it is the best solution.

FindBugs, Part 1: Improve the quality of your code

May 25, 2004 ... Because of the way the Java code resolves overloaded methods at ... (unless you
explicitly cast the argument to your equals() method to type Bob ). ..... Two
authors have tried to outline a set of best practices for avoiding the ...

Best practices for converting wsadmin scripts from Jacl to Jython

Best practices for calling Java objects. Use Jython Java calling format when
converting from Jacl.

Java theory and practice: More flexible, scalable locking in JDK 5.0

Oct 26, 2004 ... For example, the ReentrantLock class in java.util.concurrent.lock is offered as a ...
This content is part of the series:Java theory and practice ..... approach in their
chapters on multithreading, casting their examples entirely in ...

Introduction to Service Data Objects

Sep 28, 2004 ... Many Java developers are skeptical about how heterogeneous data ... and best
practices, making it easy to incorporate proven architecture and designs into your
applications. ..... Note: we could cast the object to DataObject,.

Introduction to Jython, Part 2: Programming essentials

Apr 8, 2004 ... Object-oriented programming with Jython; Debugging; Java support; String ...
Jython fully supports the concepts and practice of OOP. .... The best way to do this
is by using the __del__ method. ..... _UserList__cast UserList.

Improve performance in your XML applications, Part 3

Sep 2, 2004 ... ... series describing best practices for writing XML applications, authors Elena
Litani and ... in the document or defaulted through a DTD, you need to cast the
org.xml.sax. ... The value of this property is an instance of java.lang.

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