Five common PHP design patterns

Jul 18, 2006 ... Design patterns are just for Java architects -- at least that's what you may have ...
php. require_once("DB.php");. class DatabaseConnection.

Build seven good object-oriented habits in PHP

Oct 28, 2008 ... With PHP's object-oriented (OO) language features, if you aren't ... If the $type is
set to database , the factory returns an instance of DBPersonProvider . ..... Design
patterns are common interactions of objects and methods that ...

Five more PHP design patterns

Mar 25, 2008 ... PHP V5's object-oriented features give you the ability to implement design
patterns to improve your code's design. ... Two years ago, we introduced five
design patterns -- here are five more that ..... Using a database with PHP?

Five common PHP database problems

Aug 1, 2006 ... Discover five common database problems that occur in PHP applications ... You
can create database design, database access, and the PHP business ..... We call
it the n+1 pattern because that's how many queries will be ...

PHP configuration patterns

Aug 29, 2006 ... This article demonstrates several ways to create configurable PHP applications.
... At the very least, you want to allow the user to set the database login and .....
That starts with a simple schema to store the configuration data.

PHP V5.3 invigorates object-oriented programming with late static ...

Feb 15, 2011 ... Find out how LSB fixes some of PHP's OOP coding issues and learn how to
implement some well-known object-oriented design patterns that ...

Understanding the Zend Framework, Part 2: Model-View-Controller ...

Jul 11, 2006 ... ... the major aspects of using the open source PHP Zend Framework. ... adding
information to a database while getting to know the MVC pattern.

Use PHP on System i, Part 1: Introduction and examples

Nov 14, 2006 ... PHP on System i installation and database considerations -- Our overall
experiences ... a third architectural pattern to bring PHP to the IBM System i
platform. .... A schema created in DB2 is analogous to a database in MySQL.

Physical database design for online transaction processing (OLTP)

Jun 18, 2013 ... Deploying IBM DB2 Express-C with PHP on Ubuntu Linux .... Physical database
design for online transaction processing (OLTP) environments ... This article
focuses on physical database attributes that are affected by the ...

Don't repeat the DAO!

May 12, 2006 ... The DAO pattern should be well known to any enterprise Java ... Retrieve an
object that was previously persisted to the database ..... The Generic DAO Design
Pattern has been working for me until I ... See Hibernate Forum for the details:

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