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If you are interested in seeing a live demo of one of the System z Service Management solutions, please contact us for details.


For our z/VSE release in development we are looking for z/VSE users that want to run some tests with their workload. Please contact us for details. The next beta test period may start in September 2014.

Meet the Experts

  • Alois Eckl

    Alois Eckl is a Software Engineer for Tivoli System Automation for z/OS (SA z/OS). His primary role is Level3 teamlead for SA z/OS. He has been involved in SA z/OS and its predecessor AOC for more than 15 years in a variety of roles in both, Australia and Germany. He also is a Lab Advocate for some SA z/OS clients.

  • Giuseppe's photo

    Giuseppe Longobardi is a senior member of the TWS of z/OS L3 Customer Support Team since 2009. He joined IBM in 1990 working in L3 Support, Development and Design teams, for different z/OS products: NPM (participating in the mission transfer from Raleigh Lab to Rome, becoming the Technical lead), NVAS, SLR and TDS for z/OS (being the Technical lead and Chief Designer). Interacion designer and Software Quality assurer for TDS and TWS for z/OS. In 2007, he joined the TWS for z/OS Development team (participating in design changes and development activities) and is now part of the L3 Customer Support team. He is a senior member of the Rome Lab Patent board (on board since 1999) and IBM Master Inventor, appointed for the 2nd consecutive time in October 2010.

  • Hans-Ulrich Geißler

    Hans-Ulrich Geißler is the test team lead for Tivoli System Automation for z/OS (SA z/OS) for over 10 years now. In his previous role, Hans worked as an SA z/OS developer and as a service team member over several years. Hans is also the SME for the SA z/OS customer classes ("Introduction and Operations" and "Implementation and Administration").

  • Juergen Holtz

    Juergen Holtz is a Senior Software Engineer for Tivoli within IBM's Software Group and as an Architect he is responsible for Tivoli System Automation for z/OS (SA z/OS). He has more than 20 years experience in system software development for System z, in particular in the areas of automated operations, high availability, performance and workload management. Juergen is a member of several IBM architecture teams and also Lab Advocate for a number of clients.

  • Lorin's photo

    Lorin Ullmann, the lead development architect for Tivoli's Integrated Service Management for System z and an IBM Master Inventor, focuses primary on System z technical strategies, solution architectures, and software designs across the Tivoli portfolio that help clients address today's IT challenges. During his 23-year IBM career, Lorin's architectural contribution has spanned a broad range of technologies, including systems management; Java, OS/2, thin client and pervasive device operating systems; printer device drivers, graphic and video engines; power management firmware; PS/2 personal computer video circuit board hardware; and IO optical storage peripherals.

  • Cecile's photo

    Cecile Day is a Senior Software Engineer for the Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure division within IBM's Software Group, and is responsible for the architecture and design of the z/OS installation, configuration, and deployment of the OMEGAMON product suite and other z/OS Tivoli Management Services. She has nearly 25 years of experience in customer support services and system software development for System z, focusing on improving implementation time-to-value. She is a member of several IBM architecture teams and customer councils, and works closely with customers and technical sales teams to provide service management solutions to IBM clients.