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IBM Platform Cluster Manager Standard Edition is easy-to-use, powerful cluster management software that improves the productivity of Technical Computing users by reducing the cluster management complexity. Platform Cluster Manager Standard Edition delivers a comprehensive set of cluster provisioning, monitoring and reporting capabilities for Technical Computing users. It automates the deployment of the operating system and software components, as well as complex activities such as provisioning and maintenance of a cluster. The centralized, user friendly user interface allows system administrators to manage complex clusters as a single system from anywhere. All the functions required to operate a cluster are installed at once and are tightly integrated. The next-generation web portal provides a single point of access into the cluster, making it easy to manage complex cluster as a single system. By leveraging xCat technology, Platform Cluster Manager Standard Edition offers greater cluster management scalability by scaling up to 1,000 nodes in a cluster via a centralized web-based user interface.

Since Platform Cluster Manager Standard Edition is the foundation for Platform HPC, the best practices for cluster management in Platform HPC apply to Platform Cluster Manager Standard Edition, and vice versa.

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