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IBM Tivoli Workload Automation enables you to easily manage composite business and IT workloads that have complex dependencies spanning multiple applications, systems including mainframe, distributed and high-performance grid computing environments.

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All versions
Date Type New & Noteworthy Version
27 Dec 2013 Beta TWSz latest features Milestone 2
21 Nov 2013 Beta TWSz new features Milestone 1
12 Dec 2013 Beta TDWC and TWS latest features Milestone 3
20 Nov 2013 Beta TDWC and TWS new features Milestone 2
18 Oct 2013 Beta TDWC Usability Improvement Milestone 1

Integrated Service Management Library

Extend the value of Tivoli Workload Automation by downloading solutions from the Integrated Service Management Library.

Tivoli Workload Automation: Request for Enhancement

Tivoli Workload Scheduler: Request for Enhancement


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