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Ben Kus's photoBen Kus
Ben Kus is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Tivoli division of IBM. Ben was one of the first BigFix employees and he and he has 12 years of BigFix and IBM experience. His expertise includes all things related to BigFix and he is responsible for finding new an innovative ways for BigFix technology to grow and to deliver new customer value.

Meet the Experts

  • Zak's photo

    Zak Kus is a senior Application Engineer who has 7 years of experience at BigFix and IBM. He has architected and built many BigFix applications, including Power Management and Software Distribution, and is a main contributor to BigFix Labs.

  • Jon's photo

    Jonathan Fan is the Program Director for the endpoint management strategy and product management with Tivoli. During his 12 years at BigFix and IBM, he has held many roles, including product management and strategy, engineering, IT operations, and customer support. Jonathan currently helps define the product strategy for the Tivoli Endpoint Manager product line.

  • Rosario's photo

    Rosario Gangemi has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM currently working in the Tivoli Service Process Automation area of IBM Software Group. His expertise includes all aspects related to managing device configurations on large, complex networks and he is currently responsible for ensuring sound deployments of TEM as well as finding ways to expand TEM in new emerging areas. Prior to his current position, Rosario was responsible for product strategy, architecture and design in the areas of provisioning and automation.