PowerVC Free Hosted Trial

Would you try using PowerVC but do not have the time to set it up right now? We have a PowerVC environment available for you to use for a few day for no charge. We will give you exclusive access to a PowerVC server, an HMC and two Power Systems servers to manage. You can view the host details, create virtual machines, create storage volumes, resize a virtual machine, and even relocate virtual machines using Live Partition Mobility.

To sign up - go to this link "Free Hosted Trial"

PowerVC Fix Packs

Get the latest patches for your PowerVC environment

All versions
Date Type Description Version
Aug 2014 Fix Packs Access PowerVC 1.2.1 fix packs for the latest and greatest PowerVC features and updates. 1.2.1 Fix Packs
Jan 2014 Fix Packs Access PowerVC 1.2.0 fix packs for the latest and greatest PowerVC features and updates. 1.2.0 Fix Packs

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