IBM Tivoli Monitoring monitors and optimizes the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure, helping you control hardware, software and labor costs by tracking and improving server utilization.

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All versions
Date Type New & Noteworthy Version
15 Aug 2013 Beta Ability to specify unique historical collection, frequency and retention settings for Managed System Groups
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Milestone 5
25 Jul 2013 Beta Improved Self Describing Agent (SDA) support in Dashboard Data Provider Milestone 4
27 Jun 2013 Beta Out of box WPAR usage reports Milestone 3
6 Jun 2013 Beta Tivoli Enterprise Portal now supports multi-monitor configurations Milestone 2
16 May 2013 Beta Updated Server Dashboards with additional key metrics for the Windows, Linux and UNIX operating system agents Milestone 1
6 Mar 2013 Beta V6.3 FP1 GA driver V6.3 FP1 GA
18 Jan 2013 Beta Server Dashboards are updated; Memory usage and CPU utilization performance increased V6.3 Milestone 6
29 Nov 2012 Beta V6.3 Milestone 5
11 Oct 2012 Beta V6.3 Milestone 4
30 Aug 2012 Beta V6.3 Milestone 3
19 July 2012 Beta V6.3 Milestone 2
05 June 2012 Beta V6.3 Milestone 1

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