Trace HTTP connections on Tivoli Access Manager for e-business

Learn how to obtain HTTP connections traces and how to interpret them

Sometimes when using IBM Tivoli® Access Manager for e-business, you need to be able to trace HTTP connections to solve HTTP-related problems. In this white paper, the author explains how to obtain and interpret these traces.

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07 October 2013

IBM expert Ori Pomerantz has been securing computer networks (and showing others how to do it too) since 1995. Pomerantz joined IBM in 2003 and since then, he has written classes on several IBM security products, including IBM Security zSecure™. He is also a co-author of the IBM Press publication Mainframe Basics for Security Professionals: Getting Started with RACF, 2007. In this whitepaper, Pomerantz explains how to use the WebSEAL server to obtain HTTP connections traces as well as how to interpret the traces.

See Download for the full white paper. The following sections outline what you will learn in the full whiatepaper.

Why you want to trace HTTP connections

WebSEAL is an HTTP proxy that receives an HTTP connection from a browser. If an action is authorized, WebSEAL opens a separate HTTP connection to the back-end server. WebSEAL does not just transfer the information from one connection to the other, it also modifies the URL to interpret junctions. It adds information to the HTTP header for the back-end connection and cookies for the front-end connection. Those changes can cause problems.

The easiest way to trace them is to look at the HTTP connections.

The steps you'll learn

Pomerantz covers the following instructions in this paper:

  • Creating HTTP header traces.
  • Exploring HTTP header traces. WebSEAL changes HTTP headers and you can discover problems by tracing those changes. In the trace, you can explore requests and responses to, from, and for such elements as browsers, authentication, back ends, and additional information.
  • An example on using HTTP header traces.

Pomerantz also covers exploring message body traces too: Creating them, interpreting them, and using them.





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