IBM Global Security Kit 7.0: Managing certificates

Learn about digital certificates, managing them, and key file types and structures

Explore digital security certificates, their purpose, and how to establish and manage them correctly. This white paper will employ the IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit).


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03 September 2013

IBM expert Ori Pomerantz has been securing computer networks (and showing others how to do it too) since 1995. Pomerantz joined IBM in 2003 and since then, he has written classes on several IBM security products, including IBM Security zSecure™. He is also a co-author of the IBM Press publication Mainframe Basics for Security Professionals: Getting Started with RACF, 2007. In the whitepaper, "IBM Global Security Kit 7.0: Managing certificates", Pomerantz will help you:

  • Explore digital security certificates and their purpose
  • Learn how to establish and manage certificates correctly
  • Use the IBM Global Security Kit

See Download to download the entire white paper. This summary article outlines the topics addressed in more detail in the white paper.

Why manage certificates?

Reasons to manage certificates include:

  • To protect information in transit (GSKit uses secure sockets layer)
  • To avoid man-in-the-middle attacks (SSL requires servers to present a cryptographic certificate)

What is a certificate?

Certificates are like drivers licenses. They are used to ensure the identities of participants in an information exchange. Certificates are issued by authorities (certificate authority or CA) or are self-signed (used when a certificate belongs to a certificate authority or internally within your organization).

In the whitepaper, dive deeper into:

  • The two pieces of information (keys) associated with certificates: Public and private
  • How you verify a certificate when establishing an SSL tunnel

Keys are "key" to certificates

Secure communication requires entities to store certificates—their own certificates and the keys of trusted certificate authorities. Those certificates are typically stored in key files that can be manipulated using the ikeyman utility.

In the whitepaper, learn more about:

  • Key file types:
    • Cryptographic Message Syntax
    • Java™ keystore
  • Key file structures:
    • Personal certificates
    • Personal certificate requests
    • Signer certificates

The paper will also point you to further IBM resources, IBM education assistant modules (IEA), that will show you how to use the GSKit to manage digital certificates.


White papercert_mgmt.pdf1140KB



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