Rational Manual Tester Version 7.0.x

A resources roadmap for all users

This roadmap outlines the information resources that are available for IBM® Rational® Manual Tester

Product overview

These resources provide a general overview of IBM® Rational® Manual Tester

The IBM Rational Manual Tester product home page on ibm.com.
The home page includes links to product purchase information, success stories, product support, and the library.

The IBM Rational Manual Tester zone on developerWorks®
Connects you to technical resources and best practices for Rational Manual Tester, including articles and tutorials.

Read Introduction to Rational Manual Tester 7.0 (developerWorks Web site)
An article that gives an overview of Rational Manual Tester, Version 7.0, and describes its new features.

Rational Manual Tester Tutorial (Download, html, pdf)
A tutorial that introduces Rational Manual Tester and highlights some of its basic features. It includes practical exercises that show you how to create robust and modular manual tests, save time with automated data entry, and reduce manual test errors with automated data comparison.

Rational Manual Tester online help (Information center)
All of the content in the help system for Rational Manual Tester, including steps on how to accomplish tasks, conceptual and reference materials, and help with the product user interface.


These resources provide the information that you need to get up and running with Rational Manual Tester.

Installing IBM Rational Manual Tester (Book)
How to install IBM Rational Manual Tester.


If you experience a problem with Rational Manual Tester, these resources can help you find a solution.

Rational Manual Tester Product Support (Web site)
Searchable support documentation, product updates, and contact information for IBM Support.

Rational Manual Tester 7.0.x Release Notes (Web site)
Descriptions of the latest features and any known limitations with the latest 7.0.x release. Descriptions of issues that have been fixed since version 7.0 was released.

Rational Manual Tester 7.0. Release Notes (Web site)
Known limitations with the 7.0 release.

Rational Manual Tester product downloads (Web site)
The latest product updates for Rational Manual Tester.

Rational Manual Testing user forum on the developerWorks Web site.
Hosted forum where users can exchange information about the product.

Rational user group (Web site)
Communities of users of IBM Rational products.


To find additional education and other product information, consult the following resources.

The developerWorks Web site
Technical resources and best practices for Rational tools, including trials, downloads, articles and tutorials.

Training and education (Web site)
Descriptions of current IBM course offerings for Rational Manual Tester and enrollment information.

IBM Certified Solution Designer (Web site)
How to become an IBM Certified Solution Designer for Rational Manual Tester.

The Rational Edge e-zine (Web site)
An online journal for users of IBM Rational products.

IBM Events for Rational Software (Web site)
Upcoming events such as conferences, seminars, technical briefings, trade shows, and Web casts that relate to products in the Rational family.

Advancing Toward Test Automation Through Effective Manual Testing (Article, pdf)
A white paper that discusses a strategy for using manual tests as a launching point for implementing automated testing in an organization.

Rational Business Driven Development for Compliance (Book, pdf)
Information on how to design your processes and solutions using Rational products to manage compliance. The book shows how an organization can apply Rational solutions to achieve a controlled, auditable software development environment to help alleviate some challenges imposed by standards, policies, and regulations.

Quality Management - A Strategic Business Advantage (Article, pdf)
An article on the strategic business advantage you can achieve with quality management.