Rational Developer for System z Version 8.0.1 roadmap

A resources guide for all users

Use this page as your roadmap to information about IBM® Rational® Developer for System z® Version 8.0.1

Product overview

IBM® Rational® for System z® speeds efficiency of traditional mainframe, web development, and integrated workloads. It accelerates the development of your web applications, traditional COBOL and PL/I applications, web services, and XML-based interfaces.

Prerequisite skills

These provide an overview of the technologies and skills involved in using Rational Developer for System z.


Rational Developer for System z offerings provide a wide range of sophisticated tools. Properly installing and configuring the components is essential to providing your users with a rich experience. Careful consideration of your environment before installing facilitates planning and helps avoid potential problems.
System requirements The following websites list the system requirements for the latest releases of Rational Developer for System z products.


These documents helps you understand the available configuration and customization options.

  • Techdocs: The Technical Sales Library site (website)
    This repository contains the most up-to-date information used by our technical sales teams who consult on many IBM products, including WebSphere. It includes such types of information as hints and tips, flashes, FAQs, technotes, and white papers.


These documents provide information about how to optimally use the tools provided with Rational Developer for System z.


Depending on the version of Rational Developer for System z that you are using, there could be several different components installed. When a problem occurs, you must determine the scope of the problem and which components are involved. To help you do this, the resources in this section provide information about troubleshooting problems with Rational Developer for System z and its components.