IBM Rational and Microsoft .NET development

Using IBM Rational's Software Delivery Platform to support Microsoft .NET and heterogeneous development environments

IBM® and Microsoft® serve similar enterprise clients, and IBM strives to help them derive maximum value from investments in both company's products. As a Microsoft Premier Visual Studio Industry Partner, IBM has a long-standing commitment to support clients using the popular Microsoft® Visual Studio® integrated development environment (IDE) -- and the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform exemplifies that commitment. The IBM Rational product team develops and maintains a full array of integrated lifecycle solutions for Visual Studio, and the IBM Rational services organization offers deep and complementary expertise in implementing those Microsoft .NET platform solutions.

Rational tools for Microsoft Visual Studio development

IBM Rational Software offers an integrated software delivery lifecycle management solution for Microsoft Visual Studio development. The IBM Rational solution integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and provides requirements-to-delivery traceability to help deliver applications that meet changing business needs. With IBM Rational, decrease your software delivery timeframes by providing a single set of best practices and solutions to unify distributed teams. The IBM Rational solution is heterogeneous and can provide visibility into a diverse mix of projects with a common set of tools that support Visual Studio, Java™, C++, COBOL, SOA, and other assets and architecture. Learn, administrate, and utilize a single family of integrated Architecture Management, Quality Management, Change and Release Management, and Process and Portfolio Management solutions, and leverage it across your entire development portfolio--Figure 1.

Figure 1. Integrated solution
Integrated software delivery lifecycle management solution for .NET.

When architects, developers, and designers using multiple platforms and implementation languages standardize on a single set of IBM Rational developer infrastructure tools, they can better understand the architecture of shared enterprise applications and more easily bridge technology differences. They can become more efficient and productive, leading to cost savings and better resource utilization across the entire software organization.

Facilitate team communication and technology transfers with UML

The integrated toolset within the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform promotes effective communication and collaboration within and across multiple teams. Whether your enterprise's development and delivery organization is dispersed around the globe or faces a continuous onslaught of integration challenges resulting from mergers and acquisitions, you know the pain and cost of working with technologies that do not share a common language, platform, or interface. Our Visual Studio automated lifecycle tools ease this pain, providing development teams with:

IBM Rational architecture management tools are based on UML, the industry standard specification language for creating conceptual representations of solution architectures. Development teams can use UML models to support development and delivery projects targeting a number of implementation platforms and languages. In effect, these models constitute a universal "language" that spans temporal, geographical, language and cultural differences among distributed team members as well as disparities across technology platforms. They ease the design-to-code experience and enable clear communication across a project portfolio that might include Microsoft .NET/C#, Java/Java Platform Enterprise Edition, Web services and a service-oriented architecture (SOA), and C/C++ applications.

Enable effective change management and quality control

An IBM Rational tool infrastructure can enable Microsoft Visual Studio teams to keep all stakeholders apprised of changes via an integrated set of change management solutions that provide traceability and transparency throughout the delivery lifecycle. IBM® Rational® RequisitePro® provides ongoing requirements and use case management capabilities, to ensure that projects are on track with stakeholder expectations. IBM® Rational® ClearCase® and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® provide comprehensive asset management capabilities, along with defect and change tracking. And IBM® Rational® Build Forge™ provides continuous visibility and traceability for heterogeneous builds.

Combining these tools with others in the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform that enable testing for code consistency, quality, functionality, and performance means that every member of every team can stay on top of design and code changes, test results, and other project concerns -- no matter where they are in the pecking order, what implementation language they use, or where they are located geographically.

Automated reporting allows both managers and team members to continuously monitor project progress and ensure that their efforts align with specified functional and compliance requirements.

Create flexible architectures and increase reuse potential

More and more organizations are transitioning to service-oriented architectures (SOAs) as a way to make optimal use --- and reuse -- of their cross-platform technologies. SOAs provide the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective development strategy for their needs -- whether itapos;s evolving an existing application, building custom code, or integrating a packaged solution. These are fundamental requirements for creating a truly global development and delivery capability.

The IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform offers .NET development teams to use either IBM® Rational® Software Modeler or IBM® Rational® Software Architect with IBM® Rational® Modeling Extension for Microsoft® .NET to visualize cross-platform individual services and the overall SOA structure in UML and can ensure Visual Studio services will interoperate with Java services, via IBM WebSphere technology. In other words, an SOA built with IBM Rational tools represents an enterprise-wide application lifecycle management solution. The IBM Rational solution enables developers working within diverse environments to collaborate on services with potential for broad use and reuse across multiple business entities.

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