Into the Blue Galaxy

Connect with IBM technical experts through social media: software developers, administrators, architects, and other practitioners

Learn how IBM technical experts are connecting with existing and prospective customers through social media to share their knowledge and passion for their work through the new Blue Galaxy program. Find out how and where you can find them and connect, too.


Kelly Smith (, Community Strategist, Practitioner Outreach, IBM

author photoKelly Smith is the Social Media Lead and Community Manager for IBM's Worldwide Practitioner Outreach Initiative. Obsessed with knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and the power of social networks, she is sharing her enthusiasm with IBM’s technical population. You can reach her on Twitter @kellypuffs

21 May 2013

The best part of IBM is the people— the technical experts and practitioners across IBM. As stars in IBM's new Blue Galaxy program, their mission is to show the universe of software developers, administrators, architects, and other practitioners that IBM is their rocket ship to success.

Blue Galaxy connects our universe with yours

It's a project, it's a community, it's a movement within and beyond IBM. It's all geared toward enabling and unleashing the knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm of the IBM technical community in external social media. Blue Galaxy is a cross-IBM initiative to show the universe of software developers, architects, administrators, and other practitioners that IBM is their rocket ship to success. We do that by connecting them and connecting with them through social media.

It's about the power of these connections, with a small c. It's people connecting with people through social media: IBM employees and IBM Business Partners, and IBM clients, prospective clients, and the merely curious. Our goal is to help our technical SMEs build those connections in social networks by sharing knowledge and becoming part of the larger conversation that is already occurring in social networks everywhere.

Social media interaction is changing the way we do business

Software and hardware purchasing decisions are no longer the sole domain of C-level executives. Developers have strong opinions on almost everything, and social media gives them a voice in the marketplace. Social media is the great leveler. One of IBM's greatest strengths is its people, the thousands of IBMers who have been riding that wave for several years now and those who are just starting to dip their toes into social media. The power of those thousands in the marketplace simply cannot be overstated. Our clients are social. Our business partners are social. Our prospective clients are social. We are social.

Blue Galaxy is IBM

We've invited our technical subject matter experts to join the movement and let their lights shine, because they are what makes IBM great. The goal is for these bright and talented people from the IBM technical community — across all brands and disciplines and from around the globe — to reach out and engage the world's practitioners: contribute to online communities, develop relationships, learn from the audience, and share our expertise.

Meet the Blue Galaxy stars

Some of our technical experts have been on their social journeys for a while. They are our social role models, folks engaging both internally and externally, with dedicated followings. Some are blogging on official IBM blogs and communities, others are contributing through their individual blogs or in other organizations' communities.

They are community managers, running IBM communities such as the Agile Transformation section of IBM developerWorks®,, and Service Management Connect, or communities hosted elsewhere, such as Orion Hub. They are answering questions on our developerWorks Rational® forums. They are sharing their expertise, their knowledge, and their passion for their work every day, inside IBM and out.

Connect with them at Innovate: The IBM Technical Summit

You can find many of our Blue Galaxy Stars in Orlando, Florida in June at Innovate 2013: The Technical Summit. So who are some of the people to look for at Innovate 2013, and where can you find them? Everywhere! They'll be speaking at sessions and networking in the Expo Center. Look for them in the developerWorks Live zone (see the map that follows), the Code Rally area, and the Lounge. Stay tuned for Tweet-ups and Meet and Greet events held throughout the conference week.

Tom Banks
@tom_will_banks, technical lead for the Code Rally developer game
Bruce Douglass
@brucedouglass, writer, triathlete, neurocyberneticist
Millard Ellingsworth
@millard3, software developer, writer, craftsman, leader
Duffy Fron
@duffy_fron, technologist, leader, game changer, evangelist
Jeanne Murray
@jeanne_murray, synthesizer, digital explorer, educator, distance runner
Jason O'Donnell
@acdntlpoet, blogger, problem solver, photographer
Charles Rivet
@tselrahc, telco blogger, communicator, photographer
Fariz Saracevic
@FarizSaracevic, agile ALM evangelist, Blogger, soccer coach
Sanjeev Sharma
@sd_architect, tech sales specialist, evangelist, inventor, innovator, blogger
Dan Toczala
@dtoczala, Jazz Jumpstart Team lead

Look for the posters

Look for photos and profiles of our Blue Galaxy stars and our IBM Champions on posters throughout the conference areas, and then follow them on Twitter. Their QR codes are live, so just use the QR scanner on your mobile device to connect with their social networks.

Make the most of Innovate 2013 by connecting with some of our best and brightest.

Figure 1. Blue Galaxy star posters
photos of individuals
Figure 2. Innovate 2013 Expo Hall map
developerWorks Live area highlighted

Where to connect with IBM experts online

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