Happy birthday, developerWorks

We celebrate developerWorks' 12th birthday by giving you 12 gifts

This is developerWorks' 12th anniversary, so we're celebrating by giving you 12 gifts. There's even a gift registry, so you can request what you want if you don't find it in any of these packages.


Robin Wood, developerWorks Rational Acquisition Editor, IBM

Robin WoodRobin started her web career in the financial industry in 1995. In 1999, she left finance behind and joined Rational software to work on web content for Rational Rose and Rational Unified Process, which both later became part of IBM. She's currently the developerWorks Rational acquisition editor. When not working, Robin can be found at a beach near Santa Cruz, California, with her surfing chocolate Labrador Retriever, husband, and daughter.

27 September 2011

Birthdays are traditionally celebrated by giving gifts. Usually, the person having the birthday is the recipient of the gift. But, that just wouldn't be fair to you. First, you probably didn't even know that developerWorks is turning 12. And even if you do, how would you know where to send the gift? The developerWorks Rational staff members who work together to give you several new articles each week are in the UK, India, and coast-to-coast across the US. That creates a single-source address problem.

So this year, to celebrate developerWorks' 12th birthday, we'll give the gifts, instead. Granted, these gifts are items available on developerWorks every day. But in honor of our birthday, we put these 12 gifts into one page -- just for you. Imagine a really big box with a really big bow.

Take advantage of the collective knowledge of Rational developers and users gathered into one community. You'll find online discussions, technical libraries, user groups, and many more resources all developed by fellow Rational stakeholders to share with you. And it's free. Join the IBM Rational community today.
Follow this gateway to trial software, emerging technologies, and support downloads.
Online trials
The online trial experience allows you to try software products without having to install them on your own system. This is product-level code, with all features and options enabled. Sandboxes are here too!
Systems Engineering for Dummies ebook
This IBM free ebook explains what systems engineering is and how it can help you simplify the development of smart, connected products. If you're looking for ways to expedite time-to-market, ensure business agility, and deliver high-quality smart products while cutting costs, this ebook is for you.
Have a question? Want to share your success or frustration with a technical problem? Check out our forums. Many of our products, related tools, and methodologies have forums. All are facilitated by customers or IBM subject-matter experts.
We publish 144 articles a year just about Rational software. That's a lot of information to help you do your job better. Our technical library has a pretty powerful search engine, too. Give it a try to see if you find the information you're looking for.
IBM Rational software talks to you
Join the best minds in the IBM Rational realm as product experts and market thought leaders provide insights into the latest trends and products through these web events (webcasts, podcasts, videos, and special events).
Training and certification
Need to increase your knowledge? IBM Rational Eduction offers a range of courses to suit your application, role, timeline, and preferred learning format. Offerings include public or onsite classroom training, web-based training, or instructor-led online courses. Many "Getting started" courses are free.
Choose from 128 demonstrations on various Rational products and topics.
"The Invisible Thread" blog
Are you an engineer? A systems designer? A portfolio planner, or a software architect? If so, this blog is for you.
Ratings and reviews
We need your insight and feedback. Please rate Rational software to help us make future services and products better. Or, if you want to know what others think about our products, read the unedited reviews.
Gift registry
... Well, of sorts. What do you want to know more about? Is there a certain topic or product that you can't find information about on the developerWorks Rational site? Tell me about any software development topics that you'd like to read about on developerWorks Rational, and I'll work to find the right angle and the right author and then publish an article -- just for you.


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