Updated: RequisitePro-ClearQuest integrator

This is a tool that will allow you to graphically view, modify, add, or delete integrations between ClearQuest user databases and RequisitePro projects.

22 June 2004

This is a tool that will allow you to graphically view, modify, add, or delete integrations between ClearQuest® user databases and RequisitePro® projects.

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This RPX sample was originally published in April, 2002.

This listing is a part of the RequisitePro extensibility script index.

The RequisitePro-ClearQuest Integration (RPCQI) application was written to provide a graphical view of the integrations found between IBM® Rational® RequisitePro™ projects catalogued and ClearQuest™ Connections registered on the machine in which the application is run. When the RPCQI application is first started, it searches the machines registry for ClearQuest Connections, displaying the "Loading ClearQuest Integrations" screen. After a connection is found, RPCQI logs into the connection and queries for the user databases associated with that connection (through the schema repository of that connection). Once a user database is located, RPCQI then scans for all integrations to RequisitePro projects.

For further explanation, download the zip file and open up the file titled, RPCQIntegration.doc.

Note: Offered as useful examples of how to do RPX scripting, these programs are neither developed nor supported by IBM Rational Software. IBM Rational Software accepts no responsibility for problems resulting from the use of these programs.

Compatible with v2003, but v2003 includes a ClearQuest-RequisitePro setup wizard.

Last Modified: June, 2002


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