Alternative IBM Rational ClearQuest e-mail reader

A sample hook for IBM Rational ClearQuest.

Rational staffEMC

Rational staff

29 June 2005

A sample hook for IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®.

This item was originally published in August 2003 and refers to Rational ClearQuest v. 2.0.

NOTE: This hook is presented only as an example of how to customize your use of IBM Rational ClearQuest. It has not been formally tested and is not supported by IBM.


This is NOT a cqperl script, cqperl is limited such that a call from an external script cannot cause a hook to fire or the script will abort. This hook uses an activestate Perl installation and the Win32::OLE perl module to talk to ClearQuest the same way VB does. I've been meaning to get rid of the module that is included here as well in favor of Win32::OLE::const, but I haven't had the time yet.

Script Language: Perl

ClearQuest Version: 2

Submitter: Peter A. Vogel at


Code downloadcqreadmail.pl12KB
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