CQ import utility (cqload) assistant tool

A sample hook for IBM Rational ClearQuest.

Tom Milligan, Software Configuration Management Specialist, IBM Rational

Tom J. Milligan,IBM Rational全球技术市场部软件配置管理专家。他曾是Rational西部咨询组织的一员,负责Rational ClearCase 和 Rational ClearQuest客户服务。他也从事过开发的工作(从编程到QA、工具获取,以及系统管理)。

21 April 2004

A sample hook for IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®.

This item was originally published in August 2003 and refers to Rational ClearQuest v. 2.0.

NOTE: This hook is presented only as an example of how to customize your use of IBM Rational ClearQuest. It has not been formally tested and is not supported by IBM.


This is a Perl script that will parse an entire .csv file to be used for the ClearQuest Import Tool (cqload) and will produce a recommendation for how to define the data types within your schema. Note: "Date::Manip" Perl package is required for this script. Make sure it is part of your Perl installation.

NOTE: The "Hook Type" and "Hook Name" above field values are not accurate. The correct enteries were not available at this time. This hook is to be used with the Import utility not hooks.

Script Language: Perl

ClearQuest Version: 2.0


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