Rational top 10 articles from 2009

Find out which articles rank highest in terms of page views for the IBM Rational zone on developerWorks in 2009.


Robin Wood, Web Content Production, IBM

Robin WoodRobin started her Web career in the financial industry in 1995. In 1999, she left finance behind and joined Rational software to work on Web content for Rational Rose and Rational Unified Process. She currently divides her time between working on developerWorks content and Web-based training courses for Rational software. When not coding, Robin can be found at the beach with her surfing chocolate Labrador Retriever, husband, and daughter.

17 December 2009

developerWorks Rational's list of 10 articles is a compilation of content published in 2009 with the highest page views. From a tutorial on IBM Rational ClearQuest to an article on use cases, our list is varied... you may even find an article you missed when we first promoted it on our home page.

Debug and troubleshoot JavaServer Faces applications by using JSFTrace in Rational Application Developer
Originally published 24 September 2009
By Yuri Kats
This article describes the JSFTrace feature introduced in IBM® Rational® Application Developer Version 7.5.4 and how to configure and use it for troubleshooting.

IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational ClearQuest evaluation guide
Originally published 6 January 2009
By Paul Boustany
This tutorial is a guide for the online demonstration of IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Version 7.1 and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® Version 7.1.

Continuous integration with IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client
Originally published 6 August 2009
By Jin Rong Wu and Wang Jian Qiu
This article shows you how to implement Continuous Integration with ClearCase Remote Client and CruiseControl.

Scrum project management with IBM Rational Team Concert Version 2: Part 1. Set up projects, teams, and plans
Originally published 08 Oct 2009
By Millard Ellingsworth and Thomas Starz
This article series provides an up-to-date tutorial on getting started with Version 2 and the scrum process and highlights new features and capabilities important to scrum teams and their managers.

Reverse engineer UML diagrams by using IBM Rational Software Architect, Version 7.5
Originally published 13 Aug 2009
By Si Yin and Fenglian Xu
This article explains the steps to use reverse engineering on a small Java project.

Create a deployment topology diagram in IBM Rational Software Architect
Originally published 08 Oct 2009
By Donald Bell
This article shows how to use IBM® Rational® Software Architect to create a deployment topology diagram.

IBM Rational Application Developer Version 7.5 Portal Toolkit: What's new in IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5 Portal Toolkit
Originally published 12 May 2009
By Mansi Gaba and Sohil Malhotra
This article is the first in a five-part series. It provides an overview of the new features of IBM® Rational® Application Developer Version 7.5 Portal Toolkit.

What's New in IBM Rational Rhapsody Version 7.5
Originally published 28 May 2009
By Paul Urban
This article provides an overview of the new features in IBM Rational Rhapsody that you can use to develop software in real-time and embedded systems.

Software cost estimation using use case points: Getting use case transactions straight
Originally published 15 Mar 2009
By Remi-Armand Collaris and Eef Dekker
From The Rational Edge: The use case points method is a useful model of estimating effort and cost on software development projects -- provided you can appropriately specify and count use case transactions. This article explains how (and how not) to count transactions for estimation purposes using this model.

Integrate Rational Team Concert and Rational Performance Tester for collaborative script development, version control, and process management
Originally published 05 Nov 2009
By Dan Liu and Chuck Berry
This article notes how Rational Team Concert provides an efficient way to collaboratively develop the Rational Performance Tester projects and scripts.



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