Rational top 10 articles over the last 5 years

Find out which articles rank highest, either in terms of page views or in the view of the editor, for the IBM Rational zone on developerWorks over the last several years.


Robin Wood, Web Content Production, IBM

Robin WoodRobin started her Web career in the financial industry in 1995. In 1999, she left finance behind and joined Rational software to work on Web content for Rational Rose and Rational Unified Process. She currently divides her time between working on developerWorks content and Web-based training courses for Rational software. When not coding, Robin can be found at the beach with her surfing chocolate Labrador Retriever, husband, and daughter.

28 September 2009

I've always felt like a small fish in a big pond, so you can imagine how I felt in 2003 when I went from working on internal sales pages for IBM® Rational® software to publishing content for the entire world to see on IBM® developerWorks®. I was no longer a small fish in a big pond; I was the smallest fish in the largest ocean! It's a good thing that I love to swim. The majority of my time spent working on developerWorks has been on The Rational Edge, and because I don't have much background with the Rational zone, I turned to page view statistics to choose these Top 10. I chose one article from The Rational Edge and one from the Rational zone for each year.

Does agility scale? Wrong question!
By Gary Pollice
This article is about the application of agile development practices to large projects and how specific organizational values and context can help you decide which agile practices to adopt.

30 productivity tips from the developers of IBM Rational Requirements Composer
By David E. Murray, Christopher P. Geiss, Nicolas R. Kruk, and Lynne P. Kues
This was a popular topic when the authors presented it at the Rational Software Conference this year. It was published on developerWorks as a three-part series.

Integrate Crystal Reports in Web applications using Rational Application Developer
By Robin Bajaj
This four-part series helps you to integrate Crystal Reports in Web applications by using IBM® Rational® Application Developer to make the process easier and faster.

Scenarios of working in a team development environment: Using Rational Software Architect and ClearCase Remote Client
By Magda Bologa
This article explains how to set up and work in a team environment by using IBM® Rational® Software Architect IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Remote Client for Eclipse.

Keeping the lights on: Legacy systems and the maturing workforce
By Benjamin Lieberman, Ph.D.
This article examines the critical role that older workers with extensive knowledge about legacy systems should play in maintaining, integrating, and replacing those systems. Based on his consulting experiences, the author describes effective techniques for discovering legacy system characteristics and leveraging the wisdom of experienced staff members.

Using UML to understand Lojban
By J. Desquilbet
I couldn't create a best-of list without including this article with Klingon references. This was my favorite article to work on.

UML basics: An introduction to the Unified Modeling Language
By Donald Bell
This four-part series of articles by Donald Bell has ranked top of all page views of any article since it was published. This first installment reigns as champion of page views, but all subsequent parts of this series remain among the top 10.

Choosing a test automation framework
By Michael Kelly
A test automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing. This article describes and demonstrates five basic frameworks.

Base ClearCase CheatSheet
By Tom Milligan
Use this "cheat sheet" as a quick reference and practical aid to efficient use of Rational ClearCase. Tips, reminders, and expert advice to address the most common user needs.

Robotics for fun and profit
By Gary Pollice
Read how to get started in robotics programming, whether you want to teach the basics to students or your own kids, or simply develop a few skills for your own benefit.



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