Use the Spellchecker script to check spelling in UML models or parts of models

For IBM Rational Software Modeler, Rational Software Architect, or Rational Systems Developer

This script enables you to check the spelling of your model descriptions, by country codes, in U.K. English, U.S. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish.


Steve Arnold (, Senior IT Specialist, IBM

Steve is a senior technical consultant working for IBM Rational in the UK, where he has worked for six years. His main areas of expertise are UML design and model-driven architecture, plus he has a strong interest in Eclipse and Rational product extensibility.

developerWorks Professional author

26 August 2008

Spellchecker script overview

The script will spell-check a model or model elements for you and add any spelling errors as problems in the Problems view. You can configure It to use any of the supplied dictionaries, or you can extend it by adding new dictionaries. When checking spelling, the spell-checker uses the words in the dictionary file and all classifiers in the model.

Spellchecker script use

This option is also available from the IBM Addins menu.

To spell-check a model or part of a model:

  1. From the Project Explorer, select the root element that you want to check.
  2. Right click, and choose Spellcheck.

The script will spell-check all of the documentation fields in the selected elements and subelements. You will then see a summary of the number of spelling errors (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Spell Check summary view
Summary reports 2 spelling errors

All spelling errors are then shown under the Problems tab (Figure 2), where you can double-click or right-click and choose Go To to navigate in the Project Explorer to the element that owns the documentation.

Figure 2. Problems view
Columns: Description, Resource, Path, Location

You can configure the dictionary to use by selecting Window > Preferences > Modeling > Spellchecker and choosing the language that you prefer according to their Internet country codes (see Figure 3):

  • UK: U.K. English
  • US: U.S. English
  • FR: French
  • DE: German
  • Italian
  • ES: Spanish
  • NL: Dutch
  • SE: Swedish
Figure 3. Preferences view
Radio buttons for languages by country codes

You can add new dictionaries to the Dictionaries folder in the Plug-ins directory, and you can add words to the dictionary file. In both cases, you must restart the shell for the changes to take effect.

Spellchecker script installation

The installation of the Spellchecker plug-in is straight-forward.

  1. Download the RAS file included with this article (see Downloads) to a location on your hard drive.
  2. Start IBM® Rational® Software Modeler (or IBM® Rational®Software Architect or IBM® Rational® Systems Developer), and select File > Import.
  3. Select RAS > RAS Asset and then click Next.
  4. Browse to the downloaded RAS file, accept the warning about deployable plug-ins, and click Next.
  5. Select the feature, accept the license agreement, and then click Finish.
  6. When prompted, restart to enable the plug-in.
  7. Now switch to the Modeling perspective, select either the model or a model element, right-click, and you should see the option to run Spellcheck.


Deployable RAS filespellchecker_rasv2.0.0.zip4098KB
Source code as an archived Eclipse projectspellchecker_src_v2.0.0.zip4044KB



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