IBM Rational testing eKits

Access these complimentary eKits designed for business domain experts, quality assurance managers, analysts, developers, and testers. Each eKit provides a collection of useful materials that can help you understand and use IBM® Rational® quality and testing solutions.


The IBM Rational organization offers integrated process, methodology, and tooling across the product, systems and software delivery lifecycle to help make your job easier. A crucial ingredient for delivery success is an efficient, disciplined testing process which verifies that your applications have achieved a level of validation that meets or exceeds project quality expectations.

These complimentary eKits for business domain experts, quality assurance managers, analysts, developers and testers provide a collection of useful resources that can help you understand and use IBM Rational testing solutions to deliver higher-quality product, systems and software solutions. Each eKit offers links to collateral, including: white papers, webcasts, virtual seminars, videos, demos, articles, blogs and related items of interest. Find the eKit that is right for you:

Requirements, quality and test management eKit

Whether you are considering ways to improve your requirements management, quality management or software testing capabilities or you are defining the next steps for integrating your lifecycle processes and tooling, the resources in this eKit offers useful guidance. For example: learn the value of an integrated approach to requirements, quality and test management strategy, process and tooling; See how the IBM solution for integrated requirements, quality and test management can help you increase productivity and improve business outcomes of your software development or systems engineering activities, while keeping costs down.

Functional testing eKit

To assist in shortening test cycles, reducing delivery times, increasing test coverage and improving reliable, consistent test execution and reporting, IBM Rational solutions help you automate regression tests — helping ensure that new changes to your application have not impaired existing functionality.

Performance testing eKit

To help ensure rapid system response times, IBM Rational offers automated performance testing solutions that aid in identifying potential application bottlenecks and help ensure that business-critical applications perform and scale to meet end-user demand before the application goes live.

SOA and web services testing eKit

Successful SOA deployments require specific tools. The IBM Rational organization meets this need with automated, script-free testing solutions for performance testing, functional testing and regression testing of GUI-less SOA and web services applications.

Embedded systems and software delivery eKit

Designed for embedded systems architects, developers and testers, this eKit provides resources that can help you increase innovation and efficiency by automating your technical systems and software development processes, managing complexity with visual modeling and best practices, with the ability to manage requirements and change — helping reduce the risk of project failure.