IBM Team programming with Rational ClearCase

Setting up the ClearCase SCM Adapter for Eclipse Versions 3.2.x and later

Installation and configuration for the Rational ClearCase Version 7.0.0.x SCM Adapter and MVFS plug-ins for Eclipse Version 3.2.x and later.


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15 March 2010 (First published 04 November 2008)

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This readme describes functionality that is associated with using the IBM® Rational® ClearCase® tools in Eclipse™. After installing the ClearCase SCM Adapter, you can refer to the online help for more information about using this product.

Note: The latest SCM adapter for Eclipse V3.4 can also be used with Eclipse V3.0 and later. The development of this plug-in is ongoing and is based on the 3.0.x version for backward compatibility.

To view the online help for the Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter:

  1. In Eclipse, select Help > Help Contents.
  2. In the Help dialog, select Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter.

Note: The online help frequently refers to IBM® Rational® Application Developer (RAD). For the purposes of this help, you can interpret references to Rational Application Developer in the online help as references to Eclipse.

Supported software and specifications

The ClearCase SCM adapter requires the following software:

  • One of the following platforms: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NTR 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, SLES 9, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0, or Sun Solaris 8
  • Eclipse 3.0 or later
  • ClearCase 5.0 or later (ClearCase or ClearCase LT) with the latest patches. The following table lists the patches required for each version of Rational ClearCase:
Table 1. Table showing ClearCase version and patch levels
ClearCase versionPatch required
2002.05.00 (ClearCase for Windows)clearcase_p2002.05.00.NT-33 or later
2002.05.00 (ClearCase LT for Windows)clearcase_lt_p2002.05.00.NT-12 or later
2002.05.00 (ClearCase for Linux)clearcase_p2002.05.00-39 or later
2002.05.00 (ClearCase LT for Linux)clearcase_lt_p2002.05.00-18 or later
2003.06.00 (ClearCase for Windows)ClearCase 2003.06.13 or later
2003.06.00 (ClearCase LT for Windows)ClearCase LT 2003.06.13 or later
2003.06.00 (ClearCase for Linux)clearcase_p2003.06.00-13 or later
2003.06.00 (ClearCase LT for Linux)clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-8 or later ClearCase IFIX01 for version

To obtain ClearCase releases and patches, go to the Rational ClearCase product support page on and and click on All Rational ClearCase downloads.

ClearCase SCM Adapter downloads and installation instructions are located here: Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter (For Eclipse), Version

Summary of changes from the previous release

The following options are new in the current version of the ClearCase SCM Adapter:

  • The 7.0.0.x version of the ClearCase SCM Adapter will better coexist with IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Remote Client. When both are installed, with each capability enabled, the user, when importing team project sets now has the option to import to a specific view type serviced by each plug-in, for example, web views for ClearCase Remote Client and snapshot/dynamic views for the ClearCase SCM Adapter.
  • Team & Share now will recall the last 5 VOB storage locations used when putting Eclipse projects under source control.

The following problem has been addressed in the current version of the ClearCase SCM Adapter:

  • When using Eclipse 3.2 and later with the MVFS Adapter and the ClearCase SCM Adapter installed, the prompt for workspace selection fails to appear on workbench start after the first use of a workspace.

Support for the following platforms is new in the current version of the ClearCase SCM Adapter:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 and later
  • Sun Solaris 8 and later

ClearCase MVFS support

MVFS support is provided by the ClearCase MVFS Refresh plug-in (a separate download),

This Team preference option refreshes the Eclipse file system when it detects changes made to ClearCase elements outside your dynamic view after the changes have been checked in to ClearCase. The ClearCase SCM Adapter works in concert with the MVFS plug-in, however the SCM Adapter can still function as previously without this plug-in installed. To take full advantage of the MVFS support for source control status refreshing requires the SCM Adapter version 6.0.48 or later.

  • Enable ClearCase dynamic view file system support: Select this option to automatically update the Eclipse file structure with changes to ClearCase elements. By default, this option is inactive. To activate this option, you must select the Window > Preferences > Workbench > Refresh workspace automatically option in Eclipse.
  • Refresh polling interval (seconds): Enter the time in seconds that the ClearCase SCM Adapter should wait before polling the ClearCase view server for VOB events. The minimum time is 10 seconds. By default, this interval is set to 20 seconds.


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