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Continuous engineering overview

Continuous engineering is an enterprise capability that speeds delivery of increasingly sophisticated and connected products by helping businesses to evolve their engineering practices to adapt to the accelerating pace of business change.

Explore by discipline and activity and learn how to quickly get to the required information based on your role and discipline. Access a comprehensive set of tools and information which will help you reach your goals faster.

Explore by industry and find out how we are building our systems presence in industries using IBM Rational industry solutions that are based on the open, modular, and proven IBM Rational software delivery platform.

Explore ecosystems of IBM partners, engineering organizations, industry leaders, and educational institutions that help connect and educate people. It is a mix of face-to-face and virtual events, and resources to educate the community.

Build your expertise by delving into the workings of our various products, evolving your skills through additional learning, and researching our best practices to become a world-class Rational expert.

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Strategic reuse (Don't reinvent the wheel): The practice of design planning and execution such that intellectual capital is leveraged as much as possible throughout the product development lifecycle – to increase design efficiencies, engineer product lines, and tame complexity.

Continuous verification (Measure twice, cut once): The practice of modeling physical and systems behavior early in the product development lifecycle, and then continuing to apply simulation and test technologies in successive stages until the design is mature – to prevent rework and achieve faster time to quality.

Unlocking engineering knowledge (Turn insight into outcomes): The practice of using open standards and analytics to access, unlock and understand all engineering information, regardless of source – to enable the right decisions at the right times.

Explore by discipline

Explore by activity

  • Reporting and analytics

    Provide updated feedback to management through reports, and apply analytics to derive meaning from engineering data.

  • Collaboration and workflow

    Facilitate collaboration across engineering teams providing process structure and task management.

Explore by industry

IBM Rational industry solutions extend the Rational solution for systems and software engineering foundation with best-practices, documented workflows and templates to help you meet your compliance and risk-management challenges specific to your industry.

  • Automotive

    Streamline product and systems engineering: IBM Rational solutions for automotive helps vehicle manufacturers and suppliers meet the cost, quality and compliance challenges of delivering new products to market rapidly through complex engineering supply chains.

  • Telecommunications

    It's all about maintaining a competitive edge: IBM Rational solutions for communications helps service providers improve time-to-market for new services as well as quality, transform operations by breaking down the barriers between the IT and network side and optimize their service portfolios.

Explore the ecosystem

The IBM Rational continuous engineering ecosystem is a broad community of stakeholders in the continuous engineering domain. It includes our business partners, our Global Rational User Community (GRUC), professional, industry, and academic associations. Its purpose is to help you derive maximum value from continuous engineering capabilities through the sharing of continuous engineering best practices, knowledge, and expertise.

Business partners

  • Partner Integrations

    Explore the rich community of IBM business partners, providing technology and expertise to extend IBM continuous engineering solutions.

Trials and downloads

  • Rational downloads

    Access IBM Rational trial software, emerging technologies, and support downloads.

  • Sandboxes

    Use our Sandbox environments to quickly evaluate and explore our products.

  • Evaluation software

    Try before you buy. Download a trial version or work with software on the cloud or in a sandbox.

Learning resources

  • Technical library

    Browse the technical library for demos, articles, podcasts and other information shared by experts across the globe.

  • Learning circles

    Learning circles are focused learning guides for IT professionals. They help you quickly and easily gain the skills that are essential to using IBM products.

  • A-Z Rational family of products

    The A-Z library is an easy way to find all the Rational products and evaluation software.

  • Rational talks to you

    Some of the best minds in IBM Rational share their subject expertise and market insight into the latest trends and products through these podcasts.

  • IBM Redbooks

    IBM Redbooks publications help deliver skills, technical know-how, and materials to IBM technical professionals, Business Partners, clients, and the marketplace.

  • IBM Press books

    IBM Press books address the wide range of IBM products and services, architectures, and business solutions. With books designed to help you prepare for IBM certifications, master the implementation and support of a diverse range of IBM products and solutions, and educate business leaders.

  • IBM education assistant

    IBM Education Assistant is a collection of multimedia educational modules designed to help you gain a better understanding of IBM software products and use them more effectively to meet your business requirements.

  • Product information

    Find product documentation in the Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center is customizable so you can create your own collection of documents and products.

Best practices

  • Learn more about Continuous Engineering best practices

    Explore a complete, browseable example of the best practice support for the development under each activity mentioned below. These examples contain detailed guidance on roles, tasks, work products, processes and practices for software teams. It can be customized to suit your environment as part of your deployment of the IBM Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering.

Training and certifications

  • Training paths

    A good map makes all the difference. IBM training paths can put your career on track for success.

  • IBM certifications

    IBM certification can assist in laying the groundwork for your personal journey to become a world-class resource to your customers, colleagues, and company, by providing you with the appropriate skills and accreditation you need to succeed.

Get more involved

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Tools and resources

  • IBM support

    Contact Rational support engineers via web, phone or fax.

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