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  • Apply Java-based custom code to simulate complex workloads

    Learn how to track and detect incorrect or null data issues related to runtime data parameterization in this article by Bharath Raj. He also shows you how to apply advanced configuration mechanisms in IBM Rational Performance Tester to run performance tests for a large volume of users and throughput.

  • Improve the quality and performance of your code

    Sandhya Rani writes this reference guide to set up the code complexity analysis configuration and code coverage configuration for any development project using the IBM System Planning Tool.

  • Enhancements and tips for using OpenLDAP on z/TPF

    Mark Cooper gives you an overview of OpenLDAP on zTPF, describes the additional function that comes with APAR PJ40871, and provides practical tips for using OpenLDAP on z/TPF.

  • Agile data analysis

    Scott Snyder shows you how to use advanced workflow techniques in KNIME and the R analysis package to create production-ready workflows and complex graphical representations of the processed data at any point in the workflow.

  • Upgrade to Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V5

    Roland Koo and Tom Ross show you the things you should know as you prepare to upgrade.

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  • Rational Developer for System z

    IBM Rational Developer for System z provides an enhanced tool set for creating and maintaining z/OS applications quickly and efficiently. This rich set of COBOL, PL/I, C++, assembler and Java development tools are designed for batch, IBM CICS, IBM IMS and IBM DB2 environments, and are optimized for the workstation-based Eclipse platform.

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  • Millard Ellingsworth

    We appreciate developerWorks contributing author Millard Ellingsworth

    Millard Ellingsworth lives in the hills west of Portland, Oregon, where he works on the IBM Case Manager Client product, whacking widgets, doing Dojo, and trying to delight our customers with a UI worth using. During the small pockets of free time that leaves him, he divides his attention between home improvement projects, playing guitar, woodworking, and tinkering with Android development.