• Empowering your organization through patterns of expertise

    Essentially, a pattern is a recurring solution to a standard problem. Download this paper to get an understanding of IBM PureSystems patterns—what they are, how they work and why they can provide exceptional value to an organization.

  • IBM PureSystems Patterns of Expertise

    Patterns are proven best practices and expertise for complex tasks learned from decades of client and partner engagements. Learn about the latest IBM PureSystems patterns of expertise from this video playlist.

  • Virtual Pattern Kit for Developers

    The pattern development kit is available to download at no charge. Experience the benefits of PureApplication System first hand.

  • IBM PureApplication System

    The IBM PureApplication System is a platform system designed and tuned specifically for transactional web and database applications. Learn more from this video playlist.

  • IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer Beta

    Participate in the PureApplication Service on SoftLayer early release beta program and provide valuable feedback. Deploy signature patterns to see how you can accelerate time to value and simplify application management.

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