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IBM Lotus Sametime for developers podcast series


Level: Introductory

18 Oct 2007

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Listen to these three podcasts to learn from two technical experts about how you can use IBM Lotus Sametime in your organization. Our experts answer questions about developing plug-ins to extend IBM Lotus Sametime Connect.

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In this podcast

In this three-podcast series, Dan Kehn from the IBM Lotus ISV Technical Enablement organization and Dave Schlesinger from the IBM Lotus Sametime development team answer Lotus Sametime development questions for current Lotus Sametime users and for would be Lotus Sametime developers.

Some of the questions answered in these podcasts are:

  • What is new in Lotus Sametime V7.5.1 that is particularly interesting to developers?

  • How you can extend IBM Lotus Sametime Connect?

  • What types of helpful information can be found in the SDKs that IBM provides?

  • What kind of background does a developer need to take advantage of the ability to extend Lotus Sametime Connect?

  • What resources are available for developers to learn more about Lotus Sametime?

  • What are the relationships between Lotus Sametime Connect and other Lotus products, such as IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Expeditor?

  • How are partners taking advantage of the ability to extend Lotus Sametime Connect?

  • How can I access Lotus Sametime Connect plug-ins that have already been built?

  • How can plug-ins be rolled out to user communities?

Listen to all three parts to get the most up-to-date information about how you and your organization can get the most from Lotus Sametime.

System requirements

To automatically download and synchronize files to play on your computer or your portable audio player (for example, iPod), you'll need to use a podcast client. iPodder is a free, open-source client that is available for Mac® OS X, Windows®, and Linux. You can also use iTunes, FeedDemon, or any number of alternatives available on the Web.


  • Podcast 1: 15 minutes
  • Podcast 2: 11 minutes
  • Podcast 3: 23 minutes

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